Ari Verbruik


Hear that? They lifted the quarantine.

I opened my eyes, awoken by the voice in my head. 
" No, I was asleep." I say, lifting myself out of bed.

Does that mean we can begin the job? Do we get to cut someone up!?

"No, Jack, our job is to find and befriend a girl." I say, bending over to put on my shoes.

We never get to kill anyone. Why do we need this girl?

"I think she's a Buruburu like you, and even if she isn't she is connected somehow." I reply, walking over to the door and pulling it open." I'm sure of it." I say exiting my hotel room.

You know you can't interact with other people, all you're good for is killing.

"Well, I did a proficient amount of research on her, I can handle it." I reply, walking down the hall and pressing the down button on the elevator.

What if there is someone with her?

"Then we can kill them." I answer, entering the empty elevator and pressing the lobby button.

Finnaly, we can do something fun!

"I'll have him commit suicide or something, we can't risk failing this job. Remember how much we're being paid." I remind him, exiting the now open elivator door and exiting the hotel.

All you care about is money. I have no need for such material things. Where are we going anyway?

"Fairview High School, I think it's called." I say, walking down the street.

Didn't school start at seven thirty!? It's already nine!

"So we're a little late, what're they going to do?" I answer arriving at the school. I entered the main enterance, turning into the office.
"Late on the first day of school?" The woman behind the desk asked."By two hours?"
"Yeah." I replied.
"Name?" She asked, obviously annoyed.

What fake name is it this time?

" Ari Verbruik." I reply.

Your real name? What're you planing?

She handed me my schedule. I left the office and stare down the long hallway, with a seemingly unlimited number of doors on the walls. I look down at my schedule, wondering where class 122 is.

We're lost aren't we?

"I'll find it..." I say, receiving a strange look from the lady in the office. I walk forward, the first door that I pass is labeled 100.

What is this class anyway?

"Speech and debate, I made sure to get all the classes that our target girl has." I say, passing door number 120.

That sounds boring. Couldn't we have gotten her after school?

"I have a better chance in a social enviroment."I reply, ariving at door 122.

You said we could kill anyone that was with her.

"This is only me setting up the relationship so we can later get her to trust us." I say." Once we make our final move then we can kill her companions, but we must do it in a way so she doesn't know." I say, opening the door.

The End

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