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Ooh, you're going to tell your big brother on me. I'm so scared. I'll just kill him too! Or rather, you will. 

I try not to cringe at the thought of killing the only family member who seems to be acknowledging my existence, however, it's futile. The thought of carrying out such an act is abhorrent. 

Sedona walks carefully behind me, hand slightly pushing against my back. She seems reluctant to touch me, though I'm not sure why because if Ezra was going to inhabit her, he would've left me already, right? Perhaps it's because I was so mean to her when we were younger- or so she claims. I must have been a really awful person to hurt her to the point where she's still not over it. I mean, she seems nice so why would I aggrieve her?

The door screams as Sedona pushes it open. After a few centimetres, it's stops opening and the bolt that's holding it closed clinks. "Who is there? Whoever you are, you need to go home. The city is under quarantine, the news told me so."

"Open the door, Jerk, I have your little brother with me. My name is Sedona." She enunciates each word with great precision, not missing a syllable and carefully placing her emphases.

A tall man approaches the door, I'm assuming he's my brother, although we don't look much alike. My hair is ash brown and far longer than his dirty blonde hair. He stands nearly 6" above me and his shoulders are much broader than mine.

"Etan? Is that you? You look so-- gross. What the hell happened to you?" Dylan pauses and stares me down, I didn't think I looked that bad. "Oh! I get it, you guys played zombie dress-up and now you're screwing with me. It's too bad that I'm so much smarter than you guys. You can't pull the wool over my eyes." He jokingly punches my shoulder, although I must admit that it hurt. I resist the urge to rub my hand over the pain he's brought to me.

Sedona gives Dylan a dark look as if to tell him we're not joking, much to his dismay.

Don't let that girl talk to him. Do I have to punch her down for you? It's dark out so I can't see her eye colour, no use in killing her if she won't be a rogue. I warn you now though, if either of them do anything to get rid of me, they will die and I will be ruthless. 

Sedona grabs my arm and yanks me into the house. I fall to the floor where I stay seated contently in a pathetic attempt to make my blunder look intentional. The others ignore me and sit on a nearby couch. "So, Sedona... Seddy--"

"Don't. Call. Me. That."

"Whatever. Just tell me what is going on. What is wrong with Etan and what do you know about the quarantine?"

She takes a deep breath before beginning a slow but concise sentence. "Ghosts have taken over the city and they're spreading fast. They're possessing innocent people and killing whoever they want. I have no idea what their motive is or if they even have one to begin with." I try to interject, but my mouth is forced shut.

If you say one word, you'll be in cardiac arrest in seconds.

My mind is conflicted. In order to save my life, I risk ending it.

"So you're telling me that my brother has been possessed by a ghost. That's ridiculous." Dylan states in a tone that shows that although he's skeptical, a part of him believes her and is terrified.

Sedona ignores the skepticism and continues. "Yes. A buruburu to be exact. They seem to be in a lot of people and the streets are filled with dead bodies. If you ever leave your house, I'm sure you've noticed all the killings. It's not safe for anybody out there right now. In fact, I'm not even sure it's safe for us in here."

"What can I do? If what you're saying is true, there must be some sort of way to exorcise the thing out of him. I know people who know people, we can help him. Then I can get back to my glorious life.

No one has tried exorcising me before. Don't you dare try, I don't know what would happen. 

Before I know what's happening, a scream erupts from my core and fills the street with echoes. "We can try that, it appears as though his buruburu doesn't like that idea, but just in case we've angered it too much, we should give things some time. Just so that I know you're safe." 

I feel myself charging at the pair, but before I can make sense of the situation, I see a vase being swung at my head. Dylan's clutch on the vase eases and the glass shatters against me. I begin to fade.

The End

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