Talking to... MyselfMature

It's always been dark in this room, at least as far back as I can remember. In this corner, however, the walls shadow the floor from each direction. The ceiling is also combining with the covered up windows to block all trace of sunlight. In this charcoal shade, the darkness is almost terrifying. Perhaps it's knowing that I'm not alone that emphasizes it. Perhaps it's knowing that in a way I truly am alone. Either way, I can feel my soul blacken just by sitting here.

Individuals sit at their respective tables, some have joined together and are chatting, others stare blankly into space. I don't see any red in their eyes so I suppose all these people are good- unless- how do I determine if someone is infected? Will they have red too?

No, they won't. Only mortals have such obvious giveaways. That's what makes this so easy.

Why do you want to kill everyone? My friend said that you only kill one person at a time, and that's the one you've inhabited, why haven't you killed me yet?

Simply because I don't want to. It's far easier to make rogues this way and much more fun.

It's evil though, don't you feel bad? How could any creature that was once human wish death upon others?

I've always been evil. I only lived to be 8 years old and I was evil then. Mommy and Daddy hated me because of who I was, so they beat me. One day, they found out that I was planning to take revenge on all those who had wronged me, and so they hit me so many times that my life was taken. They're still alive and they've never had a guilty feeling over it. Remorse is an emotion that humans have taught themselves in  order to scold those who hurt others, naturally, we love to kill. Evil is simply the term we put to the people who didn't allow remorse into their lives.

You're only a child and your parents killed you? How long have you been dead for?

I died 3 years ago on November 25. I'm happier now though, no one can pick on me. No longer can anyone "Pound Ezra", I am fear and people fear me. Now don't you go feeling bad for me, I'm evil, you should hate me.

You're a buruburu, aren't you?

Took you long enough to figure it out, Slow Poke.

The End

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