Possessed ContinuedMature

A look of confusion runs down my face. How does she know my name? Why is she so concerned about someone she just met? When did I fall over? I was here then I left, that's all that happened with her.  "Listen- whoever you are--"

"My name is Sedona." She's back to talking like herself, there's no way she could've gotten rid of someone that fast, it's definitely just her. Whoever 'she' is.

"Well Seh-doe-nah, my name is Etan and I don't know if you noticed, but there's some wacky stuff happening around here. If you'd be so kind as to help me, that'd be greatly appreciated."

"I could do without the sarcasm. I'll help you though, I'm not sure what you know, actually I'm not sure if anyone actually knows anything. All I can do is tell you the theories. People are calling this a 'terrorist attack', 'the rebellion', or the work of the 'government gone mad'. Those theories are the most popular, but the craziest theory seems to be that this is the work of ghosts."

"Ghosts you say? What do you mean by 'ghosts'?" I might as well ask her some questions, it's an impossible option, but it'd be a good way to get to know her. She is pretty hot after all.

"Yes, ghosts. There's a few different kinds, such as poltergeists, vengeful spirits, and buruburus. Out of the three, I'm most comfortable putting my money on the last one, because before the murders, there was a sudden jump in the amount of people dying of cardiac arrest. I don't know how they're connected but--"

"Wait? Did you say buruburus? Tell me more about them." That's the same word that I said earlier.

"Buruburu. Derived from the sound of shivering we make when we're scared and from the word shivering itself. They're ghosts that are born from the fears of the deceased. In other words, some cultures believe that when we die, if we have fears at that time, they turn into a ghost separate from the rest of our spirit. That ghosts thrives off of possessing people and scaring them, literally, to death."

Interesting. "Is there any reason why one of those-- thingies-- would possess someone, but not kill them?"

"Not that I can see, but who really knows, no one has ever survived being possessed to speak the truth." She seems to know her stuff so that can't be what's been talking to me, otherwise I wouldn't be alive right now. Why then, did I say that word?

The End

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