Why am I running and where am I going? Those words play constantly through my head until I approach a house with panel siding. It's my home, I'm sure of it.

I slide through the door and grab one of Dad's hunting guns off the wall. Why do I need this and why can't I put it back? I'm screaming at the top of my lungs, but I appear mute to the world. I could talk before, why can't I make a sound now?

"I must go and scare another. I must go and scare them to death. With this gun, they'll cease to see the sun. I must go and scare another." I start to laugh an evil laugh, yet I, myself, find nothing funny. Furthermore, why did I just say that? I don't want to kill anyone. Fighting people is for self-protection only, and bringing guns into a fight is just criminal!

Shut up, You. This is my body now!

I try to scream, but to no avail- again. Who said that and what the hell do they mean? 

"What a sight to see, evil doers everywhere. Their buruburus will make for fine rogues." Why did I say that? What are buruburus? What did I mean by rogues? What is happening? 

I peer around and see flecks of red in the eyes of some of the people around me. Have people always have red in their eyes? Do I?

Silence. You see them because I see them. You don't exist anymore, only I do.

I don't exist? Who are you and why doesn't anyone else seem to hear you?

I raise my gun to my eye and scope out a red-eye. My finger clutches the trigger and squeezes in with great ease. My heart guns out of my chest, I can't do this. Whoever is inside of me can't be stronger than I am. I. Am. Not. A. Killer. 

I am simultaneously resisting the urge to shoot and resisting the urge to drop the gun. My hands are frenzied by the sensation, until finally, I shoot.

Direct hit. 

My lungs gush all of their air and energy into one shrill scream that makes bodies do as drapes on a window do. I exhale the energy that had just conquered me and inhale purity and freshness. I listen, but hear no mysterious voice, I'm alone again- not completely- but lonelier nonetheless.

I run to the bar that the pink-hair-girl had brought me before. "Etan? Is that you? Get in here. I thought I told you not to go outside anymore. Where'd you go anyway? You had me so worried. You fell over without warning and next thing I knew you were gone. Are you trying to give me a heart attack?" She's talking differently than she was earlier, less concise and more worried. I wonder if she has a person talking to her too, that would explain the oddness.

The End

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