I can feel my eyes grow heavy, a buzzing in my head gets louder, and it feels as though all the breaths I take are going straight to my head. I'm convinced my head is going to explode at any given moment.

My eyes burst open. The moonlight glimmers into the alley I lie in, neither dead nor alive. I do not know how I got here or where exactly here is, but I can tell that I am not alone. I can sense another presence, I just don't see anyone. My knees scrape against the ground as I lift up; my legs are weak and shaky, but they manage to support me. Steps are taken into the clearing, a familiar yet foreign place. Tall buildings bring shadows over me, one of them reading Fairview. F-air-vyoo. I recall that to be my hometown. Yes! I can't be too far from home now- although I remember this place being beautiful, right now it looks like the ruins of something that once was. Bodies lay in the streets, hungry buildings have gaping holes in their centres, and the fresh scent of blood fills the air. My senses feel stronger, but they're clouded by nausea.

The familiar scent of vanilla engulfs my senses as a pair of arms seize my waist. I sweep across the ground and get a glimpse of  a girl's face with pink hair blowing across it. "Are you okay? There's a lot happening out there, lots of crimes are being committed. I don't know if you've heard, but everyone has been told to stay indoors." This girl is shouting to me and enunciating each syllable, it's an odd speech pattern to take on. I wonder if she always talks like this.

I peer up at her, move her hair from her face, and stare into her eyes. "I'm fine, thank you. What do you think is causing the crimes?"

"We don't know much yet, but it has become clear to everyone that people exhibit wacky behaviour right before they attack. Almost as if they're sick." Sick? What does she mean by sick? Sick in the head or sick? It's not possible that I could hurt someone, is it? I mean I've had my fair share of fights, but I'd never become a murderer, would I? No! That's insane. These surges of emotion I've been feeling are getting to my head. 

The sensation of my eyes rolling backwards pours over me and I can feel myself starting to fall.

The End

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