Actually internal reflection wasn't really happening. I was too busy making faces at myself. My lips looked really big with this red lipstick. I didn't know if I looked like a cartoon character or a pin-up girl.

Everything had to look good. It was my show off day. If something goes wrong than that is all people will see. Rocco was completely against the big wedding. But both my younger sisters had their show off days and took full advantage of it. Rocco brought home lost of brochures of beautiful places to get married. Money was no object. Rocco said he just wasn't the showy type. Well, I am and it's my day. I kind of felt guilty.

" What are you doing?" My sister Nina asked

" Do my lips look fake?"

Nina sighed " Are you going to pick at each and everything today? I suppose your entittled to. It is your day."

" Probably" I said " I don't even know why she put on liptstick so early. I'm hungry'

" Oh no you don't we don't have time" Nina scolded

" They call it fast food for a reason" I argued

" Your getting married in a hour. I'm not getting grease anywhere near you"

" Where's the hairdresser? I can't get married with rollers in my hair" I said

" Ok don't panic" Nina said

" You started it " I grumbled

Moments later the purple haired stylist  came barrelling in and muttered something time slipping away. Her hands where brutal a she seemed to rip the rollers from my hair. I peered in the mirror and nearly chocked on my saliva.

" It will tame down" The stylist muttered

God I hope so. I am not getting married with this. I know I asked for big hair but this was too much... She quickly started to comb it down and it did deflate a little. I started balling.

" It's okay honey" Nina cooed " She said it will tame down"

" When?" I moaned

" I could do an updo" The stylist suggested

" There's no time" I wailed

" Will make time. They can't start without you" My sister Lola said

I sighed " Do what you have to do"

" I can do tike a braid bun..." The stylist said

I closed my eyes and said " Do it. "

I tried to relax. Hair was the least of my worries. I shouldn't need a show off day. It should have been just about us. I was being selfish. But then again I was always being selfish. My selfishness is what kept me single for so long. When I met Rocco none of that mattered just being close to him. I couldn't seem to leave him. He couldn't seem to leave me. We lived together for three days but it wasn't enough. Not enough to quell the restlessness. It seemed like we were always pacing. Like we were waiting for something. We were never close enough. So here we were binding ourselves together. The closes way we knew of.

The End

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