Hannah's Search

The sun was starting to get high in the sky and Hannah still had been unable to find the two missing girls.  Her stomach growled as she passed a fruit cart and the smell of freshly squeezed lemons filled her nostrils.  She was tempted to take some but knew that she couldn't get distracted from finding the girls no matter how hungry she got. 

She heard a child's laughter coming from around a corner and ran in its direction.  She rounded the corner to see a cute little blonde girl playing with a fat puppy while her mother hung up laundry.  The woman looked up as Hannah rounded the corner at a run.  "Sorry,"  Hannah apologized she looked in the direction of the little girl.  "I'm looking for my little sisters and I thought your daughter was her."

The woman looked at her sypathetically.  "Are they about six and four."

Hannah nodded eagerly.

"they were here."  Hope filled Hannah at these words and she waited for the woman to continue.  "They were playing with Anita here and the pup.  But they ran off not too long ago."

"Which direction did they go."  The woman pointed and Hannah hurried off before she could say anymore. 

Hannah ran about a quarter of a mile before slowing to catch her breath.  She leaned up against a brick wall in an alley and sunk to the ground tears sliding down her cheeks.  She clenched her hands trying to stop their shaking.  "I have to find them." She whispered between tears.  She looked around the alley and shook her head, "It looks like I'll be sleeping here tonight." 

She swallowed and wiped the tears from her eyes.  "I can't give up.  I have to find them."  She pushed herself to her feet and stumbled out of the alley.  "but first I've got to find something to eat."

She followed her nose to an apple pie cooling in a window.  She looked around before reaching in and grabbing it off the window and returning to the alley.  In a matter of minutes she'd eaten the entire thing and went off to continue her search. 

The End

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