The Prince

That same night as Hannah slipped into fitful dreams a young man of twenty dressed in the regal robes of royalty stood over looking the city from his balcony.  Prince Gavin looked down at the city trying to push away the pressures of being heir to the throne.

            He turned at the sound of footsteps behind him and turned to see his father step out onto the balcony.  His father crossed over to stand beside him and looked down at the cities glowing lights.  His father understood him better than anyone else and placed a hand on his shoulder in an attempt to comfort him.  “What is it that bothers you this night?” 

            Gavin turned toward his father and attempted a smile, “It’s nothing really.”

            “Come now, Gavin, I know you.  Something troubles you.  It’s about the priest’s announcement isn’t it?”

            Gavin nodded, “I can not marry someone who doesn’t love me father.”

            The king looked away and inhaled sharply.  “I understand and I would not force it upon either of you.”

            Gavin began to pace the width of the balcony his distress evident on his face.  “Don’t get me wrong the girl is beautiful and may even make a great queen but if she doesn’t love me than she will not be able to serve me and therefore will not be able to serve this kingdom.”

            His father nodded in agreement and placed a hand on his sons shoulder, “Do not fret about something that is out of your control.  There is a girl out there, a princess, worthy enough to be your wife.  And when you find her I’m sure she will make this kingdom thrive like it never has before.”

            The prince forced a smile and looked back out this time looking past the twinkling lights of the city and into the mountains beyond “I know, father, there is someone out there that will complete me.”  As he finished this declaration he turned his back to the city and turned toward the door to his chambers crossing to it.  “I will inform the priest tomorrow that I will not be marrying the young woman.  I would rather rule this kingdom alone than with one who doesn’t love me.”

            The king watched his son go and turned back to the twinkling lights, he let his eyes drift over the sleeping city and drift to the farthest outskirts where not a single light reached him.  “Out of the darkness,” he whispered, “The priestess said she would come out of the darkness.  What kind of a princess could possibly come from the darkness and be suitable enough to marry my son?”  He shook his head trying to remember the days preceding his son’s birth, the priestess whispering prophesies over the child, whispering and predicting until the day she died, the day Gavin had come into the world.  The king sighed and turned to leave the balcony.  He pushed the thoughts back down into the depths of his mind trying to settle his mind once again even still he knew he would not sleep well that night

The End

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