The BrideMature

Shona's wedding is interupted by her kidnaping by a vampire. She quickly discovers she is in the middle of a vampire, vampire slayer war and it's personal. Shona has to quicky decide which side she's on and if after all that has transpired does she still love her slayer fiance?

I always hated the expression today is the first day of the rest of your life. Especially when people said to women on their wedding day. My life was full before Rocco. I didn't want marry him so I could finally be happy. I wanted to marry him because I loved him. But it was more than that...More than I wanted to say out loud.

My name is Shona Grayson and today is my wedding day. It's my wedding day and I am miserable. Hot rollers are heavy. I just had to have curly hair. So here I am alone sitting infront of a mirror, doing some serious reflection. Internal reflection. Was I doing the right thing?

The End

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