A young cocky loose cannon, talented man in the ancient world of teranore is part of an organization that prides themselves in the destruction of ancient demons and relics that haunt the young blooming civilizations of the many established peaceful races of Teranore.

Neradin sat on the sandstone wall watching some of the younger folks spar with dried wooden sticks with cloth as hilts. A smile came across his face as he watched it was only five years ago he would have been like them. Now he was trusted with a real blade, and had partial duties in training the younger members of the clan.

"Good form." A voice commented from behind him.

"No, Jace is still a little to stiff and it really show's when he spars if Sera who is steps ahead of everyone. Actually all of them could be a little more fluid," Neradin said back not taking his attention off of them," Still they are doing well. I suppose."

"You're a tough mentor, but it does pay off with your help these kids are getting top marks out of the other five groups." An older man with remnants of black beard that is mostly hidden by the ever greying hair. Despite his aging looks his arms retained strong muscle structure and hardened face with piercing brown eyes.

"As skilled as I am. And as careful as I have been to teach them everything that I know. I'm sure most of that is due to you sir, as well as what I teach is what you teach I was one of your pupils before. Besides I'm just fulfilling my duties as a low ranking member of the clan."  Neradin replied.

"Don't be humble it doesn't suit you. Besides it's been a year now and the elders are open to making some promotions. I'm sure by now you have caught their attention." 

"I'm very sure about that. I have been on many successful missions and fought well. I'm sure I'm building a reputation as strong as yours when you were fighting at your finest." Neradin said half jokingly. Receiving quite the glare from his old mentor.

"Maybe humble suited you better young man."

Neradin laughed. Returning his attention to the young sparer’s who were tiring under the the relentless assault from Sera the youngest member of chief elders family. She was something people called a prodigy something that Neradin had and still considers himself.

"She's good, she must get extra training at home." Neradin remarked.

"Likely, not to mention she has a reputation to uphold. The darkgaurds are after all the central family, the strongest, the true bloods."

Neradin cringed at that he hated those terms central family, true bloods. There were some blood relation among clan members but for the most part there wasn't. The clan was more like the human settlements in the east would call a guild. The comradery between all the serving members were tighter than simple friendships. That wasn't exactly what made Neradin furious it was the idea of the Darkgaurds being the central family. Being the elite or true blood. They were humans like anyone else maybe with more elf in them lineage in them than most but from what Neradin saw they were no more than him who came from a lesser family that wasn't even noteworthy. Not yet anyways.

" I hate it when people talk like that. I don't see anything special about them. Sure Sera can be used as proof of skill, and superiority but that’s brought on by higher standing. My parents never had the time or the money to have me tutored outside of training grounds." Neradin said.

"They have a natural talent for magic all of them, and that’s where it counts in our line of work young master Neradin." He said.

" Magic, I've seen other talents in other families. I don't resent them Herik I just don't think holding them in high regards needs to happen we're all equal. We all fight for the same causes; in the end our ends won't be different."

"Wise words from someone so young. Neradin it's almost time for you to meet with Maerth for patrol. I wouldn’t want to be late if I were you." Herik said.

"Alright I will see ya later then," Neradin said spring to his feet and adjusting his loose white tunic and orange sash before grabbing a black traveling cloak.

Maerth was a captain that at one point was part of an advance unit that explore into the very outskirts to deal with demons of the ancient world that still stalked Teranore. However in a decisive battle he lost his right eye and was forced to step down from the advance units to join patrol corps. To him it was a disgrace and he hated every damned moment of it because essentially it was menial gaurd work and looking after newly graduated snot nosed kids.  As cantankerous as the man was though Neradin saw him as valuable resource in learning to become one of the finest demonslayers in the clan. He would take as much time as he could asking him how a spell was performed. What was expected to reach his rank, and tips on swordsmanship. His friend Teleck jokingly called him the captain’s pet, but it did pay off because Maerth was more than happy to have an opportunity to relive his old days.

Neradin made his way through the streets making a brief stop at home to grab his sword don his light armour which include shoulder plats knee guards and wrist bracers before meeting captain Maerth and the rest of the squad at the front gates. Although being warned for possibly being late he was early enough to be the first one there.  The Front gate was a beautiful metal gate within a strong wooden frame. Runes of different colours were carved into it. It emanated with power it was embewed with magic and was damn near impossible to breakdown. Beside it were to guard towers carved out of solid rock. It was said that the clan hired dwarves to carve some of the structures out of the stone because the work was so intricately and well done. Neradin wondered if that rumour was indeed true how much they were paid to leave their caves.

"Ah captains pet, you’re here early." A Jovial voice said behind Neradin who began smile.

"And so does the slacker." Neradin said pivoting on his feet to face a slim blond haired man who had a boyish face, a goofy smile and bright blue eyes. His Armour was hanging off his shoulders loosely and his sword was also attached to his hip in a lazy lopsided fashion. It was a normal look for Telek he didn't care much about anything and was far too easy going, but kept the mood lightened because nothing ever seemed to get him down.

"Yeah only because coming here was a good way to avoid doing something else." Telek retorted sheepishly.

"In fact I would say you’re early for a little bit of..." Neradin stopped as he drew his blade to meet Telek's who drew so fast that Neradin didn't even see the sword leave the sheathe. Even though Telek didn't care much about anything he did have a knack for annoying people especially Neradin who tried very hard on top of his natural talents to be a skilled as he was would still get beaten by the lazy Telek. Telek knew this annoyed Neradin to no end and enjoyed every moment of it.

"Trying to get the jump on me today Neradin." Geeze if I didn't like seeing you so annoyed I would probably never accept these surprise sparring sessions. You think you got what it takes to beat me?" Telek teased dancing around Neradin's strikes and deflecting him with hardly a second thought.

"Oh don't act like I haven't beaten you before." Neradin Seethed. Neradin who is not a fan of not being taken seriously or being teased; did enjoy having Telek as friend because everyone else seemed to tip toe around him. Telek on the other hand openly mocked him and said and did what he wanted around Neradin which was much appreciated than the fear, or jealousy others treated Neradin with to this day Neradin didn't quite understand.   As thier blades met again Neradin pushed forcing Telek off balance instead of taking advante he side stepped as strong piercing strike was aimed at him. Telek unlike Neradin was unbelievably agile and could regain balance in seconds, and do a counter attack because of his slimmer frame. Neradin on the other hand was a muscular powerhouse and as best as he trained himself for agility he would always be slower than Telek but always have stronger blows.  Telek stepped back to avoid another slice but Neradin carried his momentum through and met his blade again not letting off on the pressure he hooked his leg around Telek’s and pulled forcing him to the ground.

"I win!" Neradin said gleefully already holding a hand up.

"Or maybe I was too lazy to keep going and let you win." Telek said with a sheepish smile sheathing his sword.

"I ill advise that kind of behaviour Mr Facift. Being lazy is not an excuse for failure, or a reason to die. “Captain Maerth said with an irritable tone," You ever got this far mystifies me and if I catch you have that kind of behaviour on the job I will have you wash the horse stables for a week with your bare hands."  Neradin held in snicker in imagining Telek sheepish grin turn into the face of horror when seeing the amount of work that would mean.

"Oh don't worry Captain. I assure you sir that when you ask me to do something I do it well." Telek said his still sheepish, Maerth raised a doubtful eye.

"The others are already at the signal rock let’s go." Maerth said.

The End

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