The Breaking & Building Of Another World

Chapter I: When Passing Time

Narrator: Leah Lewis


I was hooked on Facebook and my head was in the clouds. My browser had three pages of it open, and one of Google. I always had a spare tab open to either Google, a dictionary or a thesaurus of some type. It kept me informed and learned - as I should be.

There was more to it than just digitally socializing. I had gotten into the games applications. That was no good. They weren't fun so much as they were time-killers laced with bad attempts at commercialism. Maybe I should have been studying. Or out for coffee with friends.

Perhaps I should have been playing something more entertaining.

My friends were busy with mid-terms. They seemed to require more studying than I did. And where did that leave me?

Looking up precisely what kind of a medieval weapon a 'berdiche' was. Google me this, Google me that. I opened a website on medieval weaponry.

Eyes astray, I read an advertisement on the side of a page.

It was for a game. One of those multi-player online role-playing games, of the medieval fantasy genre. And even though it was my thing, I saw plenty of such ads all the time and so I never clicked on it. Not that I recognized this one. Unlike the others, I had never seen it before.

I read a bit about the weapon and its purpose. A narrow poleaxe without a hook opposite the axe blade, instead pulling knights off their horses with the bottom end of the blade. It was more common in eastern Europe and Scandinavian countries.

So perhaps I was a bit of a nerd.

But like everyone, I have to go to the bathroom every so often. I got up, out of the chair, and rose from my desk.

The laptop hummed quietly.

As I left, I ran my finger along the front of the laptop. And as I had been using the wireless mouse for so long, I forgot the touch-pad was functional, and as my finger glided over it tapping a rhythm from my head, I surely must have clicked on that ad of all things.

Sitting on the toilet wondering what to do to pass my time alone this evening, wondering what was missing in my life, I had no idea that my browser had opened another web page.

The End

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