The Breakfast Freak Show

Saturday morning, 9:12 am, The Cactus Rodeo.  Maureen, the waitress with fantastic timing and that everyone wanted to claim as a surrogate mother, had been taking care of the four of them since their arrival.  Wheeling in after a night of non-stop driving, the boys had parked the oversized Oldsmobile out in front with little consideration for others.  As their conversation ebbed, Maureen set down three All-Star combo specials and one order of eggs over easy on toast with fruit.

Dan, self-proclaimed authority on all, literally inhaled.  "I do love the smell of eggs and coffee," he declared.

Next to him in the booth, Brian laughed.  His mouth was already full of waffle.  "Me, I just want to smoke a cigarette and wear a hat," he said, still looking at his plate and constructing his next mouthful. 

Ryan and Joe grinned and "mmm-ed" in acknowledgement from across the booth as they seasoned their food, but Dan was perplexed.

"What the hell are you talking about?" he asked, already sounding annoyed.

"Don't you remember that song from the early nineties, about being on the road, and stopping in a diner because they all love the smell of eggs and coffee?" Brian prodded.

Joe chimed in.  "Yeah - when Kennedy was on the cover of Life magazine."

"And everything was aquamarine," added Ryan.  By now Dan was squinting.

"Aqua... marine," Ryan repeated.

Dan finally shook his head.  "Leave it to you weirdos to quote lyrics from loser music that nobody remembers."

Brian and Joe gave each other a snide glance, while Ryan continued building an egg and grits sandwich.

"This is real, Dan," mocked Joe, in his serious voice.  "This is now."

The End

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