The sky was getting dark now, and it was therefore much colder in the plane than it had been the first time. Lewis sat bundled up in the rear seat trying to occupy his brain to distract himself from the cold. At the moment he was successfully amusing himself imagining different possible scenarios in which he could catch Scotty in a lie. The man had such a cool demeanor that it was fairly difficult to envision his reaction to be called out. 

Lewis’s basic plan went something like this: Make up something interesting and claim to have seen it happen, and mention it offhandedly to Scotty as if you’re completely under the assumption that he saw it. Of course, he won’t have seen it, and he’ll be momentarily confused. He’ll ask you what you’re talking about, and you’ll explain. “Oh, didn’t you see when…” If he lies and says he saw it happen, then you reveal triumphantly that you had only just made it up, and that no such thing had indeed happened. Then he’ll be forced to admit that for some reason he’s been trying to pull the wool over your eyes by telling you all this nonsense about amazing perception. Then you can get to the heart of the matter.

Lewis was quite pleased with his plan actually. He would make sure to wait until they were somewhere amidst a small amount of bustle-- not too much, or Scotty could just claim that there was too much going on for him to notice that particular event. And, not too little, or even a normal person might have been looking around enough to know for a fact that the thing had not happened. His aim would be something similar to the busyness level of the alley where he’d supposedly noticed that a girl was carrying a knife and had nice calves. He’d make up some relatively small detail, but not too small. He wasn’t sure exactly what he was aiming for there, but he knew that an idea would come to him when he needed one.

The End

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