The Brain Wakes

What would happen if babies watched monitors of their own brain activity all the time instead of those cute little (dumb) baby videos?

Probably they'd grow up understanding a lot more about how their brain works, and then most likely would turn out to be super-perceptive scientific geniuses, right? I thought so too. Meet Scotty August.

Dr. August took his time winding back down into Doug. It had been a longer day than usual, and as he propped his feet up on the coffee table and sipped his wine, he wondered briefly what it was all for. But then Claire bustled in.

"Hey sweetie, I'm going out with Martha tonight, she's only in town for two days, can you take Scotty?” And with that, the baby was in his lap, and Claire was gone.

And it’s said that he cooked lasagna that night, and that it was while he was cooking lasagna that he’d had an idea that would come to change humanity as we know it. Because little Scotty was crying, and Doug knew that the only thing the child wanted, apart from Mommy, was to sit down and watch one of those stupid baby videos. They were the only thing that could ever hold his attention. But Doug had patiently played all three videos for him last night, and he just couldn’t stand the thought of watching any of them again tonight. He was ready for a change tonight. And he had an idea.

It so happened that he’d brought a project home from work a few days ago. It was a brain activity monitor they’d been building, and had, for the most part, finished. He’d brought the equipment home and set it all up in his living room, hooking the output up to the TV so that he could work on tweaking the display in his spare time. 

Last night he’d gotten it just about the way he wanted it. The various sections of the brain were color-coded and faded nicely into each other when the activity moved from one to the next. He’d put an extra pulsing effect on it to smooth out some of the choppiness. Then he’d added a colorful pulsing background, but that was just for fun, he’d have to delete it before he brought it back.

So the machine was staring him in the face, and Scotty was crying... 

It was completely harmless, he assured himself, as he attached the sensor patches to their designated locations around the baby’s head. And it might just occupy Scotty long enough to make lasagna, and it was definitely better than those weird baby videos.

The screen hummed to life, and displayed the dark outline of a small brain, with splotches of bright red light on the right side, pulsing, and faint threads of other colors flickering in and out around the rest of it. Scotty liked the pretty colors. 
        What were those colors?
The light moved from the right side to the left, and the red morphed into green. Scotty loved those colors.
        He wanted to reach out to them, 
                and just as the purple lit up the middle, 
        he lifted his right hand towards it.
Scotty saw the colors change.
And understood.

And on the inside of Scotty's head, other lights were coming on.

The End

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