Another dump... hell, that sounds bad >.<

Well, oh me, oh my. That last chapter was absolutely terrible. I feel so bad for anyone that bothered to read that, but I guess you all know now what it is like to spend some timein my mind. If you require psychiatric help, I wouldn't blame you.

Anyway, I figured since I've utterly abused this poor little piece with my utter inattenticeness, that I might give another go at dumpind my mind, hopefully with better results than the previous piece.

Why, Spider, you ask, what do you mean by better results?

Well, I'm pleased you ask. You see, originally this was supposed to be something of a free form writting experience. Suffering from a case of insomnia and writer's block I felt that jsut so long as I started writting something, anything, that perhaps my brain would resume quote-unquote normal functions. I really can't attest to how well it worked because I don't think I've actually written anything until this moment now (besides the few failed attempts here and there).

Now that I'm actually trying to write my mind has decided to vacate the area and so I am left alone with hardly a thought in my head. Kind of a peacefull experience really, but not one that is conducive to writting something of any meaning, either to myself or others...crud.

I think I shall create a group for this on deviantART if there isn't already one. Does that sound like a good idea to anyone? If some one would take the time to perhaps comment of leave some form of message regarding the issue I'd be most appreciative.

Well...(I think I need to come up with an alternate sentence starter) I don't belive that I can ramble any longer and maintain a clear conscience. I think those of you that bothered to get this far. Feel free if you too need to take a brain dump yourself. Just getting some of the clutter out of you mind can be very helpful to the creatice process I hear.

adios. Fare thee well. haggenz-daz,


The End

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