Musical DNA

Today, while reading a story, my mind drifted off and started thinking about music. No, that's not particularly important, but I would at least take a moment to let you know what led to this.

So, I've been plucking my guitar lately- familiarizing myself with the notes and how to climb one of the octaves- and it occured to me today that science and music share a common interest, particularly in the field of genes. Songs are made of notes, the genes of the music world. These genes make the living thing that is a piece of music, be it so simple as Zelda's Lullabye to  a classically arranged piece from the days of yore.

I don't know if this will in any way spark some kind of thought to the potential reader, but it did interest me. I kind of wonder what my specific genome would sound like. How many A's make me? Bass or Treble cleff? Key of Bb I think would be fairly appropriate, but I wonder if that would be right? how would I know? What would other people sound like? Would be all have the same tempos or would some people be 4/4 and others 3/4?

I might continue to ponder this for awhile

The End

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