The Brain Dump

uhh...crap, I know I had a thought...hopefully I'll remember it for the Guidance

Alrighty-O, so this is supposed to be the place to absolutely let your mind wander since many of the random comments I know that I have don't really have a good place t ogo, so I might as well but my brain dumps in the Brain Dump...You know I kinda wonder why I can't think, or huh, is my style/ way of thinking actually similar to any other person's style of thinking...does what goes on in my head relate very closely to what goes on in other people's heads? AHH! I can't bloody spell!!!

I've spelled "spell" wrong 3 times before I got it right




darn english

wow, I'm tired. Is there such a thing as Tired Persons High? beacause I bet I have that...I should try and make it a real medical condition that way there can be yet another stupid psychosymatic type of semi-self diagnosed disease that people can have that way we can further pump ourselves full of pills and products that only produce side effects that further complicate our lives. Whoa, that was like a real coherent-ish thought. Giggling is for sure one of the symptoms of TPH, any random giggling, aminly when laughing at how incredibly off the wall your thoughts can become while experiencing TPH...

OH, this one time, in art class, I was talking to my friends, and my imagination kicked in and this purple streamer/ ribbon thing wiggled/ swirled/ floated across my mind's inner eye...Is that a lieele (little, still can't spell) crazy?

Cheers to sapphire! "While many think Al gore holds the title, his tacos simply have zero footprint" lol-a-palooza dang, I think LOLapalooza is a real event...I should go sometime

I just thought of what my life dream is!! I'm going to traavel (still can't spell, I think I'm just going to stop proofreading that way you can see how bad it really is...may God have mercy on my soul) what was I saying? OH! I',m going to travel cros country to sample all of america;s greatiest sammiches )yes, sammiches, not no fancy Sandwhiches. Sammiches(

And acute parinoia acommpanies TPH, with excessive yawning...

I just remembered why I called this the brain dump, all the trash in your head now has a place to go, cleat your mind of it's funny but useless 'luttler (I'm tired of the mistakes, I apologize, They're jsut too annoying) in your mind.

It's like a rummage sale, or is it a yard sale? garage sale? why not on your patio, though, I guess it is rather hard to have a patio sale minus the patio...

RAndom side note( as if though all the rest of this has been relevent) I really don't like the movie Speed Racer, it just really isnm't that good to me. I like the cartoon when I was really little, but having real people just doesn't seem as bodaciously awesome...

Well, my TPH seems to be dissapating and with it my need to randmoly ramble rather ridicuoulsy (I Uber double-pi Triple dog dare you to say that alliteration 10 times fast, it can't be done and if you do I will...giv you a one time offer supply of a life time of air,a nd act now you will also get a congratalatory Thumb's Up)

How is con-gra-ja-latory spelled? I bet I spelled it wrong

Didn't I say I was gonna stop. OK bye! until another dump is required. Hmm maybe this could be so healthy that it is dubbed cathartic by the Surgeon General...ohhh, that'd be cool

The End

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