Denise walked to the door just missing the dirty nappy on the doorstep, as she went to knock she stopped at the sound of her friends voice...."I am gonna batter ya!" she hesitated and then knocked, "Jane" she called it’s me Denise......"Come in love" Denise walked in, the first thing that hit her was the smell, it was a mix between, nicotiene,cat's and curry.....Denise felt like she was gonna heave, she swallowed down the feeling and asked her friend how her  life was,

After 30 mins, Denise was up to speed on Jane's life and her "Baby father's".....all four of them...... what had happened to her friend that was destined for so much more, Jane had mentioned seeing Michael the day before and that he had told her to pass the message on that he was out and wanted what was owed to him....

Denise looked at her in shock, she knew Michael wanted what he thought he was due....but that meant Damien had to cough up with the others....and she knew her husband wouldn't,

Denise felt panic wash over her, her palms were getting sweaty and her gut was turning somersaults, "I am gonna have to go Jane" Denise said as calmly as possible, Jane looked up lighting a cigarette...."Are ya gonna warn em all?" she said laughing....."Oohhh I can’t wait for Michael to bring Phil (who was also Jane’s eldest Childs father) down a peg or two"..... Denise's heart sunk again, she knew something bad was going to happen.....


The End

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