Michael had just got out of prison and was on the war path, He had done 11 years for armed robbery and had ended up very bitter and immensely feared, The 11 years inside had given him ample opportunity to garner allot of Respect, he had been shipped from prison to prison and had ended up in Wetherby open prison for the last 3 years of his sentence he'd "Blocked it off" as he put it, he was the main supplier in prison for anything any inmate might need, Drug's, alcohol, phone cards, weapon's you name it..... Michael could provide it..... For the right price of course.....And also the help of his Mother, because without her he couldn't get anything in, right up until a couple of months before he got out, his mother had just refused point blank, which he couldn't understand, but he stored it away and would deal with his mother later.

First thing on the agenda for Michael was to go and get LAID.....

It had been a long time and he wasn't wasting any time with "Courting" with a "Good girl" He wanted sex... Plain and simple.

His first stop had been "The Hole" A well known massage parlour that catered for his strange sexual desires,

Denise had arranged to go round and see her old friend, She had driven half a mile from her mother's down "Leeds Rd" there was 9 pub's on this road and Denise's mind drifted to her youth, Going from pup to pub and then for a "Chuck berry"....(which meant a Curry)

She pulled up outside Jane's Back to back, which comprised of half a terraced house.


The End

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