Stop Thief!Mature

Jasmine felt wired, she had a ringing sound in her ear, her head hurt and her nose was running, After collecting her underwear that was strewn around Denise's bedroom, she cleaned up any evidence of her from the room and got in to her own bed, she needed a joint to settle her mind, she started to feel worried, her stomach was churning and her gut was telling her something was going to happen.......

Damien was pretending to be asleep, he was going over the last 48 hour's he smiled to himself as if having a happy dream, The phone rang he answered it before the third ring "Hello Damien"  It was Denise "Alright" Damien replied "I need you to come to my mum's...." her voice trailed off.... "Mum wants’ you to talk to Michael" "ME?" Damien was surprised, "Err"...."Yeah... I'll drive over now, Err....what about Jasmine?" Denise was wondering why her husband was stuttering, "Bring her with you" she said bye and hung up, She turned to her mother "He's on his way"  as she thought about Jasmine her heart sunk, She thought about what she looked like in her dress, She thought about what her husband was like, He wouldn't she thought to herself, not now after everything they had been through, she tried to push the thought's from her mind, "Mum.... where's your phonebook"...........

She opened the phone book at J and searched through till she found Jane, she had a couple of hours to kill, why not go see what her old friend was up to these day's she was the only person that hadn't slept with Damien behind her back when they were younger,

Damien had got Jasmine to collect all her stuff together as he had to go to Bradford and she may as well see her family and see if she was ready to go back home, Jasmine was devastated, Damien was relieved and started to smile, Jasmine put all her belongings and a few of Denise's in to a suit case, she pulled on some jogging bottom's and made her way down, she opened the boot and put her case in and shut it, she got in the front and put her belt on, Damien had locked up the house and got in to the car, He looked at Jasmine and smiled "Cheer up" he said sarcastically "Fuck off" Jasmine said under her breath, she wanted to scream, she bit her bottom lip so she wouldn't cry, Damien laughed and pulled away from the house,


The End

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