Where now?...Mature

Jasmine's eyes opened to a very clean and fresh Damien, she looked at him and smiled, A wicked grin that had him scared for a minute, he smiled back dismissing his fear, "What you got planned for today" he trailed off seemingly uninterested....

"I don't know" she replied, she got up and strode past him naked towards his shower, winked and said "See ya then" Damien just looked at her then at his watch, He was already late, "I'll be back in a bit"  as he walked down the stairs he shouted "don’t answer the phone"

Jasmine was excited she had fucked Damien good and proper, Denise was away for another day, she had 24 hour's to do what she liked, She had walked straight out of the shower and in to Denise's closet, She was reading label's she had never heard of, she opened a jewellery box and looked inside, it had the most beautiful thing's inside, she could feel the envy and jealousy building up, she picked up a Rolex watch, a pair of jeans and a vest, she got dressed and went down.

She put the kettle on and sat on the worktop next to it, she looked at the time on Denise's Rolex, I t was 2pm, She thought about the feeling the coke had given her, she had missed it, the kettle boiled and switched off as she went for a cup, she was startled by Damien's voice "But Denise" Jasmine's heart sunk she tried to listen but Damien walked upstairs’, she made a coffee and sat at the table and remembered she was wearing the watch, she took it off and slipped it in to the front pocket of Denise's jean's, Damien came into the kitchen "you hungry?" She looked at him with her big eye's and replied "Yes but not for food" Damien smiled and Jasmine felt a little easier, "When Denise back?" she asked as coyly as she could, Damien didn't reply

He looked at her and even though he knew he shouldn't go near this girl he couldn't stop himself and he wouldn't....."Get upstairs’ and get naked" he said with a straight face, Jasmine smiled and his face softened, she was easy for the taking and take he would, Damien wasn't prepared for what Jasmine was going to take.....


The End

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