The Morning After....Mature

Damien was awoken by the phone "Err Hello" he croaked as he cleared his throat,

"Mr Green?"...... It was the gardener..."I won't be able to make it today......" "Fine" Damien put the phone down and tried to gather his thought's, he turned over still half asleep, as he did he saw the naked body of Jasmine, His head hurt, then it all came back to him..... Denise went to her mum's, had a drink, gave Jasmine a drink or ten, then did what he knew he shouldn't have.... he had been boasting that he had "The purest shit in Britain"  Jasmine's eyes had lit up, after three or four lines she had been naked and showing Damien exactly what she loved to do, Drugs and sex, Damien tried not to remember but every detail was very clear in his mind, his thought's had returned to Denise, his heart sunk as he remembered answering the phone to her, she had told him that she had arrived and would ring him in the morning, when she knew more, Damien was in the middle of watching Jasmine giving him oral sex, he felt sick as he remembered what Jasmine let him do to her, but he was high and she loved it "The whore" he thought, He felt dirty, but he liked it...... He got out of the bed and walked in to the shower, he had been living an uptight existence, and he "Needed" that release..... He told himself and his thoughts trailed off to his wife......


The End

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