Denise's mobile rang, she answered "hello mum" followed by a long pause.....

"I am on my way" Denise put her phone in her purse and looked at Damien "I have to go to my mother's" Damien looked at her confused, she had not spoke to her mother in over 6 months, Damien looked at Jasmine who was halfway through her second drink, they hadn't even had their starter's yet, Denise said quietly to Damien "He is out" Damien knew within a millisecond she was talking about her brother Michael,

She picked up his car key's "I will take your car" His heart sunk, even though he loved his wife dearly and would give her his life, he couldn't let anyone drive his car, not even his wife.

"I will take you home for your car" was all he could get out of his mouth, Jasmine looked up "Eh" "I thought we were having summat to eat" Damien stood up, gave Alfonso a nod and left £20 on the table, and headed for the door, Denise smiled at Jasmine and said "sorry love, something has come up" they followed Damien to the car.

Jasmine was not pleased, 2 bloody drink's! She thought to herself, this was supposed to be an evening out; she was all dressed up and not even drunk! She didn’t like this one bit, she could feel the venom filling up inside her, and she got into the back of the car, with the start of a sulk appearing.

As soon as they got up the drive, Denise was out of the car and in to the house, by the time Jasmine had got in to the kitchen, Denise was changed and had a small holdall in her hand she looked at Jasmine and smiled "I will be back in a couple of day's" "Mary will pick you up for work on Monday" Jasmine smiled awkwardly.....already thinking of what she could get away with while Denise was away, She turned to Damien "see you when I get back" "I will ring as soon as I get there and find out what's been happening"

Damien didn't want to get involved, but he knew one day his past and all the people entwined in to it......would be back to haunt him....."Give your mother your regards" Denise tried to smile but couldn't, she kissed him on the cheek and picked her key's up and made her way to her car, Damien followed, "Denise" he called, she turned to face him, "Anything you need me to do"........... I can do from here......."Just say the word" she nodded and smiled, as she drove away from the house she thought about her brother and her heart sunk, she knew there was going to be trouble.........

Damien walked in to the house and headed to his bar, he needed a drink.

Jasmine had watched out of the window at Denise's car leaving, she smiled, now she could get up to whatever she liked........she searched the rooms, till she found Damien "Can err... I ....have a drink".......


The End

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