The table was booked for 8.30, Damien punctual as ever was waiting in his "panther" he looked at his vintage Rolex, 8.02 precisely, Jazmine appeared in the doorway, she made her way to the car ,Damien caught her eye ,and froze he couldn't believe this was the same girl, he was looking at Jazmine through the windscreen Denise walked towards the passenger side,  as both women got into the car, Damien's thought's returned to driving, he started the car and made his way down the long drive and headed into town,

They were regulars at "Gino's" the owner Alfonso acknowledged Damien with a nod of the head, and a waiter took the trio to the best table, (actually it was the only table they had ever sat at, in all the years they had been coming) Damien asked the women what they wanted to drink, Jazmine had answered "double brandy" without even thinking, Denise smiled and replied "white wine",


The End

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