Jazmine walked through the front door, as she placed her £4.99 stiletto heel into the plush custom made carpet her heart sunk, she knew then she was out of her depth,

Denise had her back to the pair as they walked into the kitchen, The smell of Jazmine's cheap perfume reached Denise's nostril's before she turned round to face them, it took her back to her days in Bradford, stood in the toilet's of "42nd Street" the roughest club in town....

"Hello Jazmine" said Denise, taken back by how beautiful Jazmine had turned out, Jazmine smiled becoming the 12yr old innocent  girl she once was, Denise felt the urge to embrace Jasmine, but held back, she knew what Jazmine had been up to and was going to deal with her the hard way, her way.....

Jazmine had been given a guest suite in Damien and Denise's house, she had a bathroom for herself !, she was in shock, from sharing a bedroom with her 2 sister's and never getting 5 minutes alone in the bathroom, to having all this.... she had been given orders by Queen Denise to take a shower and had been given a plain pair of jogging bottoms and a t-shirt, Denise was waiting for Jazmine in the drawing room, a vase of fresh lilies stood on the side table, Denise had been staring at it for about 10 minutes, when Jazmine came in and startled her, Jazmine looked Denise up and down, from her expensive suit, to her well manicured hand's wearing diamonds, Denise was a "Jammy cow" thought Jazmine,

Jazmine felt like she was in a posh prison that was so clean....too bloody clean..... It was stifling


The End

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