Damien sat in silence, waiting for the taxi to pull out of the parking bay,

He pulled his pride and joy" into the space and headed for the platform, Damien stood at platform 9b wondering how he had ended up taking in his old friend's little "crack head" "prostitute" sister.

The train pulled up, Damien scanned the crowd leaving the train, and He instantly broke into a sweat his Prada silk shirt sticking to his back, a feeling of excitement washed over him.

Jazmine waited for everyone to leave the train before getting up from her seat, she strode off the train and knew she wasn't going to be staying long,

Jazmine looked straight at Damien, knowing the effect she had on men, and knowing that made her feel she had the upper hand, He knew instantly that this was Jack's little sister, She gave him a nod of the head and walked towards him, He tried to smile but looked like he was still in shock, Jazmine knew this and it pleased her,

They walked in silence to the car, Jazmine’s eyes widened, Damien’s "pride and joy" was a black jaguar Daimler, and “this wasn't going to be bad after all" she thought,

She got into the car, pulling her already very short skirt up higher,

Damien spoke piercing the silence, "jack is expecting you to sort your head out" Jazmine looked at him straight in the eye and replied " yes I know" making him feel uncomfortable once again, they drove towards Damien's house, sexual tension hung heavy in the air, Damien was planning to leave his wife with the responsibility of Jazmine, He had decided it was probably a good idea keeping his distance from Jazmine, he knew that he had to behave himself.

Driving up the private road that led to his 8 bedroom detached property, he felt pleased at what he had achieved, is ego was bursting, he felt like this every time he drove  home, He pulled up next to his wife's Mercedes, they both got out of the car and Jazmine followed Damien into the house


The End

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