Now.....Come DownMature

Tariq.... was feeling confused....he hadn't ever thought about the word "Euphoric".... he thought he must have come close to the actual meaning of it....his mind was drifting, he hadn't slept in 2 days.

Cindy looked and felt like she had smoked £1000 worth of "crack" she hadn't been to work and had her phone on silent, she wasn't worried the "stuff" had come courtesy of Tariq, it had been smoked now and she wasn't parting with anything....she drifted off, she got up and lit a cig’s he was going to have to go to work, she felt rough.

It had just dawned on T that he had to face Ali and explain where his stash, his punters and his round had gone... Tariq looked at the cig's and felt sick, he just wanted to sleep, he knew he would have to go home, he didn't want to face his mum, the Take-away....he was going to be sick, he made his way to the bathroom, he wretched and brought up the last remaining bile from his stomach,

Tariq had decided to go straight to the takeaway, it was easier than facing his mum, he had the remainder of the stash and a couple of hundred quid in the bag he buried it into the bottom of his rucksack, he zipped it up and shoved it under the counter,

He was dreading facing Ali, he was so wired that his mind was working overtime, he kept trying to rehearse conversations in his head, it wasn't working, a cold sweat washed over him, and he felt weird, he could feel the dread in the pit of his stomach, it wasn't fear, it was worse.....Tariq hadn't experienced anything like it before, he knew the worse was still to come...

Ali wasn't amused, he knew before Tariq had even opened his mouth, In the 2 day's Tariq had been missing, he had even started looking like a junkie, and Ali knew this had been a bad idea...

Now Tariq was in debt to Ali,

Ali took the remainder of the "stash" and the money, he left leaving his childhood friend standing ashamed, with his head hung, feeling like scum.

Ali jumped in his car and looked at his phone, he had 6 missed calls he hadn't known the number, and the area code wasn't familiar, he called the number back, it was a pay phone in Liverpool!???

Who knew him in Liverpool?

He wasn't aware that his half sister was trying to get in contact with him; Ali switched on Tariq's phone and tried to salvage what he could of his round...

He had to see Jack....he was down on money, and the majority of his stash had gone on Tariq's crack pipe.

Tariq didn’t want to face his parent’s, he had finished at the takeaway for the evening, and he was contemplating the idea of going to Cindy's

The End

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