The "Round"Mature

Ali's father Raja, had numerous properties in and around the area, Ali always had a "yard" where he could stash "stuff" chill with the boy's, take a "bird" back to, or the main purpose of these "yard's" was to have somewhere "safe" to cut and bag up.

Ali had cut and bagged up over £2,000 worth of crack cocaine,

This should last 2 week's...thought Ali, he had put all the bagged up item's into a freezer bag, then into another bag, he then put the plastic bundle into the base of the sofa in the property, switched his phone on and went to see Tariq.

Two day's previous Tariq had gone to deliver Cindy her usual order.... When he got to Cindy's..... she invited him in, he followed her into the 3 bed semi... he was in shock, he hadn't thought about where Cindy lived, or what she was like as a person, he had always seen her as a "junkie"

He passed her the stuff, then lit a cig, he took a deep drag of the cig, and as if plucking up the courage, he blurted out "why do you lick rocks" Cindy stood looking at him and replied "why don't you?"

He didn't know what to say, she paid him and he left, the phone was ringing again, he got into the car and ignored the phone,

Tariq had to go to the "yard" and pick up the stash, he had his own key for the "yard" he let himself in and went straight to the sofa, he lifted it onto its side and felt for the stash through the slit on the underside, as he put the plastic bundle into his jacket, his phone rang, It was Ali, he was giving T his "orders" for the evening, seen as though Ali was going out of town for "business" He was sick off this, this second rate treatment,

The phone rung again, It was Cindy, again! Tariq went straight round to her's,

He was going to learn the hard way......"Don’t get high off your own supply"


The End

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