In hand....Mature

Within a couple of month's Ali and T were rolling in it, they had an excellent round, and were getting into a set routine,

T would start the day by sprucing himself up, gelling his hair, a splash of ck1, a quick wipe over his trainers.... and he was ready to go, "Thareeq"! "What ama" Tariq replied, Tariq's mother was a large Pakistani woman, with a kind round face, her only son despised her, but she was still his mum, and he had to answer her respectfully whenever she called his name, in that horrible accent.

Tariq got into his father’s delivery car, he was late, and Ali was going to kill him, all because his mother wanted dropping off in the town centre,

By the time he got to Ali it was 9.30 and T was an hour and a half late, Ali was seething...

Ali got into Ts car, he was not amused, 2 punters had been waiting for him in Manningham, if they had gone and scored from someone else..... He was going to wring Tariq's neck,

Tariq had been so worried at what Ali would say about him being late, that he couldn’t relax, "chill out" Ali said in his kind "best friend" voice, "just hurry up yeah" Tariq put his foot down and made his way across town to "The Lane",

Waiting for Ali and T was Cindy and Tom, Cindy was a "Sauna Bird" and Tom was her cling on boyfriend that only stayed with her for the continuous supply of crack cocaine,

Cindy got into the back of T's car," I want two 50's and a rap of brown"  Ali passed her two small marble sized cling filmed ball's, and a small flat piece of paper the size of  a stamp, "110 quid ta" said Ali sarcastically... This was not lost on Cindy, She threw the money at him and got out of the car and scurried indoors, Tom in tow,

Ali had made in 6 month's over "10Grand" with his initial investment, and he felt confident that he was going to have the market blocked off,

Ali had a new plan, he just didn't know how he was going to break it to Tariq.... he was being demoted....from partner to Joey

The End

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