Employees....by Default....Mature

Tariq made his way into the arcade ,it was a busy Friday afternoon, Ali was covering for his mother who had gone to the bank, Tariq looked uneasy as he approached the change booth and made eye contact with Ali and the air was rife with accusation,

This was the first time they had seen each other since they had made their little raise, Tariq had been roped into working at his father’s take-away, "Taz's" which was the Bain of his life, Tariq hated any association with anything "Asian" he even referred to himself as "Terry" to his girlfriend's, Tariq was not amused, that his friend of 14yrs was up to stuff, and was not telling him, he was having to hear it second hand from a "Divvy!" a little crank telling him what his best mate was up to, Tariq wanted answers and a "look in" was expected. 

Ali knew his little plan was going to take a little longer.......

"Alright T" said Ali, Tariq replied "Are you alright? Yeah?"

Pat was back from the bank, "go to mosque" she bellowed after Ali as he disappeared out of the front door behind Tariq,

"I have to go to the take-away" shouted Tariq, Ali stopped and turned to face Tariq, "come on spit it out" Ali looked at Tariq with wide eyes,

"I want in" said Tariq, Ali didn't have much choice; Tariq was his best mate.....

He brought him up to speed on his little venture; between them they had a couple of areas already in their sights.


The End

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