Letting people in......Mature

Ali and Tariq were buzzing; they were hanging out at the "arcade"

"the Arcade" was a front, Raja's main gambling den was in the basement, but you wouldn’t know that by looking, from the outside it was just a 3 storey building with 2 flats above a shop front, inside the arcade was a counter in the far left corner  for "change" but you could get any type of narcotics and for the right price an array of firearms ,including cs gas and knuckle dusters in all shapes and sizes, that was the hush hush side of the business.

In the basement was where the real money was, in an average week Raja could take £50,000 plus, In the 2 flats above were4 girls that worked for "pat" an ex working girl that was also linked to Raja through children, 2 boys Ali and Samir,

Ali as we know was a "lad" Samir however was always a little weird, he was the type of person that made you feel uneasy just looking at him, These boys did not take after their father, they were like their mother, medium build ,thick set black hair and piercing blue eyes, the years had not been kind on Pat, at 45 she was looking close to 65,but the only thing pat had in her favour was, she had known Raja since childhood, they had gone to St Peters first school together, and had been through thick and thin together,

Added to the fact Pat had given Rajas sons Asian names and they went to mosque (only on their mothers say so)

For this reason alone Raja loved pat, but would never admit it to her as it would have shown her a weakness, and Raja was not weak

The End

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