The LifeMature


Jack Jones at 26 had a very good business head on his shoulders and was capable of moving large quantities of class A drugs a thriving business as Jack soon learned, if there was a demand Jack was the man he soon progressed up his grandfathers greasy ladder, along the way taking causalities the first being his sister at 24 wasn’t a junky but was a sly crack cocaine addict getting high on Jacks supply funded by the same trade her mother was in.

When Jack caught Jasmine buying from a dealer that he supplied he knew he had to put a stop to his sisters antics, he wasn’t going to watch his sister duplicate his mother’s life. Jack had a friend in Liverpool whose wife owned a successful cleaning firm. His friend Damien Green was a legitimate gangster who on the outside was very clean cut white collar but came from the black cloud of Yorkshire that had made his money 10 years ago and got out, and was now living in suburbia paying taxes and going to charity events and even donating at Christmas, Jasmine was coming to rock there world.....


The End

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