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Old man Jones who was the grandfather to all nine of Mary-Anne's children he was a ruthless well known force to be reckoned with, and stood his ground for the last 30 years, even though his daughter Mary-Anne had brought shame to the Jones name, From the onset.

Jones's family had been moving drugs around the north west of England for over twenty years, they supplied all the Heroin and Cocaine and the weed and the pills they had the market blocked off.

Mary- Anne had Jack at a mere 14 years old, which sent her mother to a drunken stupor that took her life not long after, after her mother died Mary-Anne met her first pimp at 15 and also a crack pipe, in this drug hazed reality Mary- Anne had punters and children like they were going out of fashion, She lived in a flat provided by the council that had been the only solid thing in her life, state benefits took care of all the necessity which meant all the mouths got fed in Mary-Anne's house. This was a blessing in disguise as Mary-Anne was taken for a fake drug fuelled ride by which ever pimp was passing in the vicinity, the last  20 years her life had been a roller coaster of men, prostitution, pregnancy, drugs and a downright disgrace to the Jones's name

If you knew any of the local who's who, then it was like you were part of an exclusive club,  "I know jack" and his "brothers" Jack and his  brothers were known as the "craziest kids" in Yorkshire....also known as the "Jones's"

They were 9 siblings,6 boys and 3 girls, all an array of colours and heritages, fathered by 4 different men to a woman who had no morals or self respect, which her children were oblivious to,

Jack was the eldest at 26,and didn’t know which one of the many pimps his mother had deemed fit to profit from her earnings was his father, He had suspected "Raja".... but then his mother wasn’t exactly reliable......He actually didn't care,  He was 6ft tall and built like a man's man, hands like shovels, and his eyes like black onyx, thick curly hair that could have belonged to an Asian or an afro-Caribbean, his nose also gave nothing away, so as far as jack was concerned he didn’t care who his father was ,they all took their mothers name, he had been in and out of prison from the age of 16,and was currently the bare knuckle fighting champion of the north, but as it was more of a hobby than a job...the money didn’t make ends meet.... And jack was the man of the house, and had to make ends meet, he hadn’t let his mother work the streets for a while now, even though he knew she still met up with some of her regulars, just the thought of that fact, sent shivers down jack's spine, it ate away at him slowly and surely devouring any love or affection he may have had for this woman that he called mother,

The eldest of the girls was named Jazmine, whose father was rumoured to be the pillar of that is, but when Jazmine was conceived her father was known as the Raja... brothel man of Bradford, in his glory days he had all the main brothels and gambling den's, he legitimised them all, over the last 15yrs and was now running for the local elections,

Jazmine was a beautiful mixed race woman, her looks and pleasant demeanour was all a facade, she was cunning, sly and manipulative and had her father’s green eyes and her mother’s auburn hair added to the fact

she was mixed race she was  stunning, or seemed that 24 she was way beyond her years, she was actually vile and twisted from a very early age,

At 21 James and Joel. "The Twinnys" as they were known, terrorised the locals and the surrounding areas, these 2 were inseparable, their father was a Nigerian, by the name of Clyde, but he told anyone that listened that he was a descendant of Bob Marley, on account of him having dreads and a penchant for the weed.

Jonie was 20 born not long after the twins, her father was also Raja, she like her sister was very beautiful her beauty extended to her personality, she didn’t belong and always felt this way, she reminded her father of his mother, but tainted by her own mother her father rejected her.

Jamlia was 19 and had the same father as James and Joel, and at 19 she was very aware of her affect on men, and used this to her full advantage in many ways she was like her mother.

Jay at 16 had similar traits to his sister Jonie which didn’t fare well amongst the men of the family, and was the spitting image of Raja which irked his mother relentlessly.

Johnny is 10, he is fairest of all the children with lots of freckles and strawberry blonde hair, his father Johnny Cash a bare knuckle fighter from the local gypsy site.

Jarrod was the youngest at 6 he was the carbon copy of his father Johnny Cash. From opening his eyes to falling asleep the entire boy wanted to do was fight, at 6 he could easily defeat his brother at 16 years of age, and reduced him to tears on a daily basis.



The End

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