The Bradford Bronx...Mature



 The Bradford Bronx
This story is an insight of inner-city life anywhere, in the the depths of the underbelly of society....and all those unfortunate souls, that become part of a long suffering eternal depression, that sits like a black cloud over the north of England....
Although the birth of this decrepit society and all the heart ache, pain and maybe some relief that comes with it may have been born many many years ago we will enter this ebb of society in the 1990's.
Let me take you to a play ground where many significant games have been started, played and concluded. The heart of the Bronx, the blood line, where many a plastic gangster has evolved into what ? you may well ask ...... at the top of the chain... numero Uno The Drug Dealers aka "The Tony Montana’s" closely followed by the police informer's...then come The top lad's, grafters, Joey’s, cling on's, the wannabe's ,the dirty girls... and the addicts that makes this vicious circle complete...

The End

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