Emily Miller discovers the troubles of the boys next door.

I’d never imagined the impact of a person in one’s life. Never in my life have I imagined that I myself would indeed fall in love. Not many have found the strength to look for, in fact to hold on to, it. I’d spent the beginning of my life concerned for my father’s sake.

Love, it’s a rare thing, something that could happen once in a life time. But as always, things change drastically in our twisted world today. I’d like to think we live in this world of stillness. Nothing ever changes when you think about it. We spend our lives changing the little things so that we make ourselves feel more superior.

But love, love isn’t easy, it’s the thing you want or realize you have until it’s stripped from you. This is love isn’t it? Life is harder to go through, living day-by-day soul searching for “the one” while in that time they were right in front of you. Life and love can’t exist without one another. If you think about it most of us live for what we love and when we love we do nothing but take in every moment as if there were no tomorrow. Now death, death is peaceful and slow. Death is easier than experiencing something more intense, but at least you can say that you lived a little.

My life has been a constant roller coaster and at times I can be going on a track going straight into some odd direction when it unexpectedly drops me thousands and thousands of feet. When I can catch my breath I go up again in a new direction.

This roller coaster of a life I have hadn’t started until I moved to a new town. This town molded me into who I am today. Here is my story.


The End

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