So much for my happy endingMature

Chapter 13- Misery fluttered his eyelids open and yawned as he stared up the plain white ceiling in his dorm. Rubbing his eyes, he sat up and turned his head towards the digital clock on the night stand. The red numbers blinked: 8:30 a.m. He frowned as he looked at the date. As of this day, it had been the one year anniversary of his ex-lover’s death in that old abandoned warehouse deep within a dark alley. No wonder I had that dream last night, Misery thought as he plopped back down onto his warm black and white cotton bed. The dream he had was about a time he spent with Envy at the beach, and he tried to teach the fragile boy how to swim while he was still blind. But he wasn’t blind since six months ago. Six months ago, Seth, the owner of the orphanage Misery and his friends still inhabited, paid for Misery to get an eye transfusion – to make him see again. Of course, the first thing Misery had asked to see was a picture of Envy (followed by seeing his friends afterwards). When Seth had given him a picture of Envy in his sleeveless white and blue lined jacket and navy blue sweatpants, Misery cried. Just as Misery thought. Perfect. There was no other way of describing him. It was so hard to believe; in the picture Envy seemed to be full of life while holding an eighty pound barbell. But in reality, the black haired boy knew the blue haired boy’s soul was high up in the heavens, and his body was somewhere beneath the earth with a plaque right next to his headstone. A plaque Misery had thought of himself. A plaque that read: Here lies a boy who died with dignity, with honor, with bravery and courage. A boy who loved another boy. A boy who died at the hands of his own brother who had been a homophobic. This boy was 8 years of age. Let it be known that this is not what anyone who loves someone of the same gender should face. Death is not the answer to love. Let it also be known that anyone who is homosexual – do not hide in the shadows – face the world! Embrace your same-sex partner on the street, kiss them in public! And remember, God promised us rainbows. Misery smiled slightly at the thought of the memorial. This tiny spark of energy was about to make him hop off his bed and change to go get some breakfast, but he was soon interrupted by two obnoxiously loud knocks on his dorm door. Rolling his stone grey eyes playfully, he announced, “Come in!” Immediately, the door swung open, and Hitan along with a friend, Kirby, a spunky young cat girl with pink cat ears, a pink cat tail, and naturally pink hair, rushed into the room cheerfully. Kirby bounded up to Misery carrying a tray with two syrup drizzled waffles, a piece of a toast, and an apple and placed it on the night table beside him. As she stepped aside, smiling warmly, Hitan ran over to Misery and threw his arms around him, placing a kiss on the black haired boy’s cheek. A while after Envy died, Hitan had become Misery’s lover other than just his best friend. Not only were they there to support each other and lend a helping hand, but it was a shimmer in Hitan’s attitude that reminded Misery of a younger Envy that made him want to be his lover. “Good morning, Miz-chan! Did you know it’s supposed to snow today?” Kirby broke in, still smiling; indicating the black and white checkered scarf wrapped around her neck. Misery couldn’t help but frown at the reminder of day. Secretively, Hitan and Kirby shared worried glances before looking back at him. They both were aware of the day as well. It’s weird how weather, sound and scenery always fit in with an event, Misery thought to himself, not making eye contact with the other two people in his dorm. Hitan was the next one to speak, trying to sound as innocent as possible. Hitan always had a knack for that. “But don’t you love snow, Miz-chan?” Misery looked up at him again and said defensively, “I do, it’s just-“ “The date,” Kirby announced out loud, “It’s Envy’s one year anniversary since he...” she trailed off solemnly. Hitan sighed, and Misery nodded in agreement. As any lover would do, the brown haired boy sat beside Misery at his bed side and held him close; Kirby knelt down on the floor and placed a gentle hand on the grey eyed boy’s knee. Misery nuzzled his head against Hitan’s chest, inhaling the sweet strawberry scent that arose from the older boy. I will never forget Envy; he changed me, and he changed everyone. He made a movement; he stood up to people that looked down at him the most. He sent Itami to life in prison. He didn’t deserve to die, but he died gallantly like ‘fighter’ and as stealthy as ‘ninja’. I will never forget his love; I will never forget his miracles. Heh, I hope he has some sort of spiritual instruction guide planned out for Hitan on how to take care of much of a daily dose of love I need. Still I know...I will never be abandoned. It’s only fate that I will reunite with Envy... someday...when there will be only peace and equality.
The End

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