Blood Will Spill BloodMature

Chapter 12- Without thinking, Hitan was the only one who flew from the door and sped himself in Itami’s direction, letting out a loud battle cry. As the boy approached him headfirst, Itami couldn’t help but be impressed and smile smugly. But having guts wasn’t about to stop Itami from what he was planning. As soon as Hitan was only approximately a foot away from him, Itami held out his hand in a crane like fashion, and right when Hitan came close enough, his neck slipped easily into the fitting of the older male’s hand. Immediately, all the air in the brown haired boy’s lungs was knocked out of him as Itami lifted him up off the ground by the neck, pressing down on his pressure points. Flailing his legs in all directions while at the same time struggling for oxygen, Hitan glared intensely at the black and red haired boy and croaked, “You’re a bastard, Itami.” Itami sneered and only pressed harder on the youth’s pressure points. “That’s nice. Now...any last words before I kill you for good, fag?” Hitan swallowed a lump in his throat and stopped kicking. “In fact I do,” he began. Itami raised an eyebrow. “You can go to Hell. If you kill me now, my spirit will bring you to death voluntarily. I have no problem batting your shit around in honor of homosexuals everywhere,” he finished with a courageous smile. Itami drew back, appearing as if the comment had actually affected him. “Even in death, eh?” he responded grimly, covering his mouth with his free arm, “Well, we’ll just have to see about that.” And with a snap of his wrist, Itami sent Hitan flying across the room and into a stone wall one hundred feet away; blood covering the spot he hit entirely as the small child slid onto the ground in an unconscious heap. “Hitan!!!” Chishio yelled as he ran over to him from his spot in the doorway. When he reached him, he noticed that the young boy had a huge gash on his right temple, all his forelimbs were limp, his typically fluffy hair was now matted with red sticky liquid, and for the first time in two years... Hitan wasn’t smiling. And now for the first time in two years, Chishio’s eyes started to become wet. He quickly took a deep unsteady breath, wiping his eyes, and pulled Hitan into a tight (yet careful) embrace. The older boy didn’t even care if he was getting his younger cousin’s blood all over him. But the last thing Chishio bothered looking at was Hitan’s lifespan. His lifespan! At the time they would come in handy the most, Chishio had completely disregarded his shinigami eyes – special eyes he was born with that told how much longer a person had to live. Hopefully, the tall male looked directly above Hitan’s head and noticed something: his lifespan read 4272, 12 more years. In 12 more years Hitan would biologically be 18; maturely, 36. That wasn’t now, though. Here, in present time, Hitan was biologically 6; maturely, 12. Judging by his rambunctious personality, Chishio decided Hitan would, in 12 years, die for something he stood up for, the only thing that could get him killed in today’s society – gay rights. At least, that’s how Hitan had always said he wanted to go. Shaking his head trying not to think about the subject of death, Chishio cautiously scooped up the small body in his arms and briskly made his way to the cell door. Passing Envy, who was still in a trance of shock, on his way out, he whispered, “Now go save Misery.” Being bounced back into reality, Envy prepared himself in a fighting stance and snarled, baring his neatly polished (but deadly looking) at his older brother. Itami, who was still wearing that same stupid, wicked smirk as before, looked his sibling up and down and said, “It’ll be interesting to fight you at last; a worthy opponent are you, dear brother.” “Just fight me so we can both get it over with. I think we both know who’s going to win this,” Envy growled, sounding almost as evil as Itami ever could. Misery sat up from his cold, chained position on the floor, still groggily aware of everything happening around him. They came for me, he realized, they came to rescue me. Then he remembered the verbal and violent event that had just happened between Itami and Hitan. Had Hitan died? If not, where was he, and would he be okay? Finally, if Envy was next to battle Itami... All of these thoughts made Misery sick to his stomach. Everything was happening so fast. He could barely recall this morning when he and Hitan had had a wonderful schedule for today – but had it been just this morning? It seemed like years ago in this cell. Things would be so much easier if we could change the past, Misery thought sadly. However, he no longer had any time to think of any of this at the moment because the next thing he heard was the sound as metal colliding together. --------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- A Sword Shall Shoot Up... --------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- “You’re skills are impressive, Envy, but they’re not enough to save your life,” Itami complimented, forcing his satanic sword down onto his brother’s medieval knight sword. Envy fought to keep his weapon high above his head, pushing as hard as he could against Itami’s. Becoming bored of struggling with his sibling, Itami looked down at him and noticed his chest and stomach were unguarded. In a split second, Itami moved his sword and swiftly swung it above his brother’s waist line – not slicing him, but instead sending him across the room, tumbling over on top of Misery on the other side of the prison. Envy breathed heavily, hands and knees sprawled out at Misery’s sides. “Misery,” he panted. “Envy...” Envy’s eyes locked on the chains that kept Misery to the ground. Then out of the corner of his eye, he spotted a skeleton key Itami had dropped beside the blind boy. Hearing the slow trot of footsteps behind him drawing closer, the blue haired boy rapidly scrambled to get his fingers to pick up the key and begin unlocking all the chains that held his lover captive. After all the cuffs were undone, Envy grabbed Misery by the shoulders and panted, “You’re free now, Misery. You have to go get help. Find Hitan and Chishio. Run far away from Itami, I’ll try to hold him off for you as long as I can. I love---“ Envy stopped abruptly. So did the footsteps, Misery noticed. --------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Blood Will Spill Blood... --------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- “Goodbye, brother,” Misery heard Itami mutter. The next thing Misery knew, it had felt like something fell on his lap. Like a body. A body with sticky liquid with an irony smell coming from its chest... Pouring onto Misery.
The End

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