Cat and MouseMature

“W-who are you?” Misery helplessly stuttered. His ears roared noisily as the sound of the footsteps drew closer. “You should know - I’m Envy’s brother. Hasn’t he told you about me?” the voice from the other male asked. The blind boy gasped. He recalled a conversation he and Envy once had where Envy had mentioned his older sibling. “Stay away from him. And if he ever tries to touch you, scream as loud as you can; I’ll come get you,” the blue haired boy had told him. Unfortunately, crying out for Envy would do him no justice in this situation, and he also never specified why he had to stay away from him; he never spoke a word of him since that day. “Itami-kun...” Misery whispered under hi s breath. The black and red haired male cackled evilly. “So you do remember,” Itami mused, “Good.” Kneeling down onto the floor, he leaned over the small boy and touched a wet spot on his hand – a spot Misery hadn’t noticed before. “What’s that?...What did you do to me?” he shakily demanded. A nasty smirk smeared itself across Itami’s lips. “Just a little blood; I got thirsty dragging you on the way here,” Itami said. He grabbed Misery’s cuffed wrist and held his petite hand up to his face, licking the blood off from a gash he had made by slicing the flesh with a pocket knife. Chills ran up and down the blind boy’s spine as he desperately tried yanking his hand back, but Itami’s grip was much stronger. “You’re evil.” There was a brief silence in the prison as Itami dropped the younger boy’s hand. However, the silence was then quickly broken as the fiery eyed male burst out laughing cruelly. Misery cringed and gulped in embarrassment, immediately regretting the remark he made. In attempt to steady his breath after laughing so hard, Itami sighed and rubbed his temples, still with a wild grin on his face. Without warning, he lashed his hand out at Misery’s head and grabbed onto a chunk of his hair, causing the blind boy to yowl out in pain. “Let go! Please!” he desperately demanded, tears flowing like salt water streams down the porcelain skin of his cheeks. Pulling him closer, Itami growled ferociously – the hot breath that rushed out over Misery almost made him feel like he was being gassed. Leaning in towards Misery’s ear, Itami hissed, “If you want to live longer, I suggest you shut it.” He paused to gather his thoughts (or to build suspense, Misery couldn’t tell). “Although, I will inform you that you’re not going anywhere until I see my little bro’ finally breakdown when he sees his mistake of leaving his precious, little baby so vulnerable and unprotected in the midst of me,” he finished teasingly. The blind boy clenched his jaw and tried his best to look rebellious, though he knew deep down it probably only made him look more terrified. Itami chuckled and ruffled the small child’s hair rather roughly. Getting to his feet, the brute walked over to a rack he had on one side of the cell; one that contained valuables of weaponry and torture devices. He smiled giddily as his hand reached for a sharp pointed whip made of pure wood and steal. Sighing happily, he walked back over to Misery and, admiring the whip he had in his possession, said to him, “But before Envy comes, let’s have some fun, shall we?” ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------- The walk down the alley seemed endless. At this point, every time any of the three boys turned around, none of them would be able to see the light coming from the entrance that was who knows how far behind them now. “Are we there yeeeeeeeeet? I’m tired! My feet huuuuuurt!” Hitan whined, dragging his feet at the front of the line. Envy stubbornly shoved past him and walked at his fastest pace. “You’re friend is in trouble and you’re crying over how long the walk is and that you’re friggin’ tired?!” he grumbled. Hitan stopped suddenly, analyzing what he just said, and sensed a surge of guilt wave throughout his body. At the back of the line, Chishio bit his lower lip and stopped as well, preparing for the worst and taking occasional glances at Envy. Now realizing the two other boys were no longer following him, Envy paused and turned around to face them. “C’mon, guys; we’re almost there. You know how much Misery means to me. I love him, and right now I have a feeling he really needs us now more than ever,” the blue haired boy pleaded. Chishio and Hitan looked at each other and sighed before looking back at him. Stepping forward, Hitan innocently apologized, “We’re sorry if it doesn’t seem like we’re taking this all too seriously, Envy-kun. But believe us if we say we’re just as worried as you are,” he smiled faintly, “Hey, let me be honest I always thought of Miz-chan as cute, and sure, I did have a crush on him in the beginning, but he’s yours now. He belongs to you, and he needs you now more than ever.” Envy blinked at him. The brown haired boy giggled and winked at him, “So let’s go get ‘im, tiger.” The blue haired boy returned the slightest of smiles to him and stood up straight, renewed with enriching confidence. Just when he was about to stride forth with high hopes and more courage, he was stopped short by a cold, thick, rusty iron surface that seemed to root up from in front of him. “What’s this?” Envy wondered, running his hands over it curiously- Hitan and Chishio came up behind him to see the discovery for themselves as well. Undoubtedly, it was a door. Ironically enough, the boys made note that, while looking down, they saw this was also where the trail of blood seemed to stop. “Open it,” Hitan suggested, though uncertain. Willingly, Envy groped around the side of the door until he found a wretched looking knob nearly covered in its own rust. After jerking it a few times, the knob began to wriggle loose until it became smooth enough for Envy to just barely slide the door open with the help of his companions. Upon opening the door, a new room was revealed to them. The only light in the room, however, came from a dim lantern at the far end of the room – a space that was clattered with chains, leashes, collars, and other materials of that kind. Which was where they spotted Itami and Misery. Itami was hovering over the small child with the same whip he had been using, and Misery was on the ground cowering, half naked and already baring the scars and bruises the more dominant male had given him. Paying strict attention to the awkward silence in the room, Itami lifted his head and met the gaze of three pairs of wide eyes staring out him in the doorway. Dropping his slave whip, he smirked, “Welcome, you’re just in time for the grand finale.”
The End

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