Trapped SoulsMature

Chapter 10- Blinking his eyes open, Misery awoken himself to darkness like every other time before. And although he was awake, the blind boy felt dead; his heart and stomach were empty, he was light headed, and his wrists and ankles were aching. Wrists and ankles - why were they hurting? Misery attempted to stand himself up to find Hitan or possibly Envy, but as soon as he did this, he realized he was unable to get up at all. It was then that it came to his full attention that he heard the sound of chains rattling and sensed a cold metallic-like chill on his wrists and ankles. His eyes widened, and all the hairs on the back of his neck stood on ends. He was chained to a wall – a cold iron slate wall with a cold iron slate floor beneath it. Was this a nightmare perhaps? No. In nightmares, you couldn’t feel pain. You couldn’t feel anything. This was different, and Misery was feeling all the emotional and physical pains. Who did this? What happened while he was out? Where were Hitan and Envy? The thoughts flooded his mind as quickly as tears flooded his eyes. All he could do was sit there and cry. He knew nothing and was helpless to what lay ahead. He’d most likely die like this. This was the end. Whoever was doing this to him was planning to kill him. Or at the least, had some kind of sexual plot that would involve him being raped mercilessly. Envy...where are you? You said you’d protect me...why did you hurt me? Misery pleaded inside of his mind. He frowned and began to whimper. I’m falling apart, I’m barely breathing... With a broken heart, that’s still beating... In the pain, is there healing? In your name, I find meaning. So I’m holding on... ...I’m barely holding onto you... The lyrics played in his head over and over again like a broken record. The words were from a song called ‘Broken’ by a group called Lifehouse. Envy had once played that song on the piano in the music room for Misery and said it was their song. The blind boy didn’t understand it, but as Envy sung the words to him, it all made sense. One day, Misery had decided to burn that song onto a CD along with another song, ‘Something to Believe In’. Then during his next meeting with Envy, he played those two songs over and over again, until eventually, the CD started to skip and it died out. But it didn’t matter, those songs meant everything and every word was exact (for the time being at least).Those were words that came from the heart and played through the soul. Even being chained into a prison by who knows who, Misery couldn’t help but give the faintest of smiles as he mouthed the words to both those songs. But it wasn’t long until his blissful thoughts were interrupted. Somewhere in the distance, a door open and closed; the sound of it slamming echoed throughout the hollow room. Then footsteps. The next thing... ...a menacing snicker followed by a deep, villainous voice. “Hello, brother’s pet.” -------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- “Where’s Misery?! I’m not paying you to fumble around and give me this crap! Now talk!” Envy yelled, throwing Hitan into a wall on the side of one of the shops around the outlet, after releasing him from a chokehold. “WAHHH!!!! You’re not paying me anything! And I don’t know where Miz-chan is!” Hitan cried out loud, covering his face with his hands. “I’ve heard enough from you, Ninja-kun!” Chishio proclaimed in disgust, pulling Envy away from the distressed child by the collar of his muscle shirt. Envy growled at him, baring his canines. Chishio, trying to hide a secretive frown, stared at him with his blood red eyes in pure disappointment (half of the disappointment came from continuously glancing at the rest of Envy’s life span). “Look, like Hitan was trying to tell you before, he saw him take off, but when he tried running after him, he couldn’t find him. When you came along, well it seems as if Misery-kun would have been long gone by then.” The warrior-like male calmly told him. Envy took a step back away from Chishio, narrowing his eyes, as Hitan gulped and ran for cover behind his older cousin. Finally exhaling heavily, the blue haired male questioned, clenching his teeth, “Fine then, where do you think Misery is?!” As he and Chishio stared each other down, though blankly, Hitan’s eyes darted up and down, side to side, and back and forth to find any clues of wear Misery might’ve ran off to. Turning around, with his back against Chishio’s, the brown haired boy tried clearing his mind and thinking of any ideas that might help get the blind boy back. He was just standing there, letting his eyes scan the sidewalk beneath him, when suddenly out of the corner of his eye he caught a glimpse of a dark alley on the far, abandon side of the outlet. Tugging on Chishio’s long dark gray sleeve, Hitan uncertainly announced, “I think I just found something.” Breaking their gaze from each other, Envy and Chishio looked and turned their heads in the direction the blue eyed boy was pointing out. The alley did seem suspicious enough; taking into consideration the situation or not, it had an eerie feel to it all on its own. Taking in a deep breath, Envy began walking forward, carefully examining the entrance. From where he stood, it was unclear to tell exactly how far the alley went; it just seemed to be engulfed into a black hole at the point where it should have ended. But during closer inspection of the carved out entrance, he noticed something that made his stomach churn and his heart stop. Leading down the path of the dark alley was a trail of fresh splattered blood. Lifting a hand to his face, Envy instinctively covered his mouth, in fear he would become nauseous and vomit. Or to stop himself if he started bawling. Now acknowledging the lingering presence of the two other boys behind him, he unsteadily inhaled, turning to face them and placing a hand on Chishio’s shoulder to balance himself in case his knees started to weaken. Looking down with his eyes closed, the blue haired boy murmured, “Misery’s this way.”
The End

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