Chapter 9- “So care to explain exactly what the purpose of this trip is, Hitan?” Misery, wearing a white short sleeved shirt, a black tie and black jeans, asked his companion as they walked down a public path, away from the orphanage. Hitan, wearing a baby blue tank top and black shorts as well as Puerto Rican and gay pride wristbands, stretched his arms and looked up at the sky as if that was where the answer was written before countering the blind boy. “Well, first of all I needed to get out of that place, so I figured why not take you with me?” he replied, pulling out a stick of pocky from a small box in his pocket and sticking it into his mouth. “I also wanted to show you the outlet nearby; they have a lot of neat stuff there, and maybe we can pick up a few things,” he continued thoughtfully. It wasn’t long before the two boys walked into the nearest town. Misery could already sense the growing amount of people that flowed past him on the streets, minding their own business. Many different smells and sounds filled the air, as well. Pleasant scents from a bakery and a restaurant close by both breezed against his nose, pursuing into his lungs. He could also hear the sound of cars rolling along on the paved road as well as the voices of people talking to each other all in a friendly tone. But then a heavy realization clouded his mind. If only I could see these things, Misery thought lifelessly, if only... “There it is! It’s just up ahead!” Hitan shouted in excitement. For a split second, the blind boy had forgotten what it was, but it hadn’t taken him long to remember: the outlet (Whatever this ‘outlet’ was exactly). Before Misery could really comprehend what was going on, Hitan was already dragging him by the wrist along to their destination. The ecstatic child was now zigzagging so many times back and forth that the black haired boy couldn’t even tell if he was trying to trick him, spinning him around, or actually taking him to this place. Whatever it was, Misery had no way of knowing. During this time all his mind was grasped around was the sounds and smells he experienced only moments before. Eventually after what seemed like five minutes, Hitan came to a sudden stop, causing Misery to bump into him from behind. So much for ‘just up ahead’, the blind boy thought bitterly, reacting to the thud. For a brief moment, he was almost jealous of the brown haired boy’s sight – being able to see in the distance by five minutes! Immediately dismissing this fact, Misery began to notice that this area wasn’t as crowded as the rest of the town. As far as he could tell, it was a quiet place where few people walked around. He could hear the sounds of people opening and closing three doors at a time, thought these people did not talk. Nothing out of the ordinary. “What did you want to come here for, again?” Misery asked skeptically, raising an eyebrow. Earlier, Hitan had explained to him that there were a lot of stores to go to at an; he made it sound like such a busy place. The blue eyed boy smiled brightly, “Well, first I need to make a quick stop over at Claire’s, that’s one of the stores where you can buy a variety of uke accessories, Miz-chan – mostly everything they sell either have rainbow or pink designs on them. But don’t worry; I can help you pick out things more of your style: emo schoolboy, right? They got that, too...” Hitan ranted on about this for quite some time, eagerly explaining every store around the lot (in other words, ‘the outlet’). Misery just stared at him blankly. “...and then when we’re done with all that, we can stop by Pizza Hut for dinner! How does that sound, Miz-chan?...Miz-chan?” “Huh?” Misery asked, clueless, being snapped back into reality from an absent minded trance. Placing his hands on his hips, Hitan rolled his eyes playfully and sighed. “Never mind, we can talk about that later. But we’re wasting daylight, Miz-chan, c’mon!” Not a second later, the energetic young boy was yet again yanking the blind boy to who-knows-where. However, now he wasn’t zigzagging like before; instead he was running in a curved line; past every door and almost every shop. But he hadn’t run far until he stopped suddenly. “What is it now?!” Misery exclaimed, impatient and irritated. Hitan didn’t answer. Instead, he simply grabbed Misery by the shoulders and turned him into the direction he was facing. Lifting his hand out in front of him, the blind boy felt a wall of glass. “What’s this?” he asked. Hitan replied, “A window. We’re at the front of a French restaurant.” “So?” “...does Envy have a girlfriend?” Misery’s heart stopped abruptedly. A girlfriend? What did he mean?! He was Envy’s lover - his one and only! ...right? Misery never wanted to be able to have sight more than now. “Well, he’s with a girl,” Hitan continued. He was right. Inside the fancy, expensive looking restaurant that was one of many stores around the outlet, Envy was sitting with a female at a well decorated booth, holding her hand and looking deeply into her eyes. The girl had black hair with blue streaks pulled back into a rebellious pony tail and had blue eyes that possessed a wicked glow. She wore a navy blue tank top and her checker-patched denim jeans were ripped at the knee. Although she looked as if she’d have little class to dine in such a fine place, she did seem to be a good match to Envy’s jock attitude and appearance. Too many thoughts kept speeding through the blind boy’s mind. He swallowed a heavy lump in his throat, “Hitan, what are they doing?” Squinting his eyes, the brown haired boy pressed his face against the window to get a better look. “Let’s see...they’re talking...it looks like he made her laugh, too. Uh oh, Envy’s smile seems to be getting a little too sly...” Misery didn’t want to hear it anymore; knowing all this only made his heart sink deeper, and it felt as if some had torn his soul in halves repeatedly. It was no use holding back his tears now. They would be the only tears he’d ever cry for anyone with. Sighing, Hitan turned back to the blind boy, whom he noticed was now trembling and looking down at the ground with wet eyes. “Miz-chan?” He ran. He dashed off down the sidewalk without his brain even realizing; his legs being the only things controlling his body. The tears that were only before starting to form in his eyes were now flying off his face. He ignored the calls of his friend racing after him. But he kept running even though there was no place to run. No place to go. Just darkness. He was running into darkness and without a hand to guide him. Curse being blind! Misery thought angrily. He started to slow down, the weight of his heart and his tears pulling at him. However right before he was ready to slow to a complete stop, he carelessly ran right into a cement wall. Now feeling weaker than ever, he dropped to his knees and cried. Cried hard. Misery sat there and cried a river, not even caring if anyone came for him – if anyone would notice. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Running out of the restaurant, Envy kept his head low, dodging the food being flung at him. “Go buy a dildo! You flaming homo, how dare you leave me for a boy! Who do you think you are?!” the girl Envy had been with yelled at him as she continued throwing the gourmet delacies at him. “Brooke, please! Be rational!” Envy shouted back at her. “I know this is out of the ordinary, but he makes me feel...important; like he really needs me. You don’t understand the situation. You wouldn’t understand the feeling,” he sighed. The girl, Brooke, marched up to him and looked him straight in the eye, “You used to say the same thing to me. How can you mean any of it if you’re saying it too yet another person?” Reaching up her hand to his face, she slapped him with all of her might, causing Envy’s face to stay frozen in that direction. “I hope you die, Envy Chasseur. A part of me just did.”
The End

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