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(The new name for this chapter is "Before The Storm") Chapter 8- "AHH!" Chishio screamed as he woke with a start from his restless sleep, sitting up in his bed, sweating. Being instantly aroused by the noise, Hitan rubbed his eyes and looked up at his cousin tiredly. "What's wrong, Chishi-chan?" he yawned, still half-asleep. Trying to calm himself, Chishio took a deep breath, exhaled and looked over at Hitan who was wearing a black lingerie night gown. Gently placing a firm hand on his younger cousin's head, Chishio told him, "It was nothing – just a nightmare." With that, he sighed heavily and plopped back down on the bed. However, now worried about what he had seen, Hitan sat up. "Please tell me, Chishi-chan. You seem to be awfully bothered by whatever it was," he begged. Chishio shook his head. "I realize you're concerned, Hitan, but I don't know if I can-". He then noticed that the blue eyed boy was frowning and giving him that infamous innocent 'puppy dog' face. Having no choice but to give in, Chishio finished, "I'll tell you." He grabbed his wrist and pulled him backwards so that he was halfway on top of him. Hitan blinked and stared at the red eyed male. "I've told you before that I was born with shinigami eyes which means I'm able to see how many days of life a person has left...right?" The smaller child nodded, and it wasn't long until it came to his attention that his heart has stopped. Chishio leaned forward and began whispering in Hitan's ear. "I've been watching very clearly lately," he paused to gather his thoughts, "Envy Chasseur Ninja only has days left. And I think my dream predicted his death." --------(>^.^)>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------<(^.^<)-------- Fed from the fire of Forbidden Love... ---------(>^.^)>------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------<(^.^<)--------- "Envy, stop! Heheh, I can't breathe!" Misery giggled loudly as Envy roughly tickled his bare sides. The more dominant blue haired male laughed and continued wrestling him into the damp sand. All day the two had spent hours at the beach in their swimming trunks – Misery's being black with a white heart on them, and Envy's being white with blue designs on his. The original motive was Envy's plan to encourage Misery to get into the water and teach him how to swim. "I don't think I'm so sure about this," Misery had stuttered as he took his first steps into the ocean water while Envy held his hand. Envy simply smiled down at him and assured him, "Don't worry, I won't let anything happen to you; I won't let go of you." The blind boy lightly bit his lower lip in nervousness. "...promise?" "Promise." After that, Misery reluctantly started treading further into the water while gripping Envy's hand tightly. But when it came to the point where the water started getting a little over his waist, the blind boy became shaky. As an instinct reaction, he immediately stopped and wrapped his arms around the taller boy and nuzzled his face into his chest. Looking down and wrapping an arm around the younger child's bare shoulders, Envy asked him, "Is this as far as you would like to go? I have to say, for someone like yourself, you're very brave to have gone out this far." Envy had tried to make this sound as convincing as possible – the water had only come up to about three inches above his knees. However, since Misery was fairly half his size, there was a big difference. So seconds later, Envy found himself lifting the blind boy in his arms and carrying him safely back to shore. Now the two boys were back on the shore, playing around in the sand as the sun went down behind them in the back ground. Finally, Envy decided Misery had enough of this 'torture' and, right away, stopped tickling the small child. While Misery choked out his last few chuckles and attempted to get his breathing back to normal, Envy calmly laid down beside him, putting his hands behind his head and looking forward to the beautiful sun set that lit up the horizon. After a few moments of trying to simmer himself down, the blind boy cautiously leaned back to lie down in the sand next to the taller male. Then, followed by more slight hesitation, Misery reached over and wrapped an arm around Envy's bare chest, pulling himself closer and closing his eyes half way. Glancing down at the child in amazement, the blue haired boy lovingly took one of his arms from behind his head and wrapped it around the blind boy, pulling him even closer until both their skins touched. As he did this, a quick shiver ran down Misery's spine. Never had he crossed so many boundaries with anyone, and yet here he was with Envy breaking the leg of every rule he used to follow daily in the past. Although, whenever Envy did have him in his embrace, Misery always felt secure, and this time was no different. Snuggling up to him as if he were some sort of pet, the blind boy breathed in his lover's scent and sighed in content. It would have been selfish of him to have asked for a better moment. With Misery lying beside him, Envy placed his hand over on the small child's bare back and began gently rubbing his soft, pampered skin. He must be even more delicate than I imagined, Envy thought to himself, every other child in the orphanage either has rather rough skin or a scar or bruise here and there. Placing a light kiss upon the blind boy's lips, he added, "You're so innocent." Hearing this caused Misery's eyes to widen, his heart to flutter and the color in his cheeks to become flushed. Seeing his reaction, Envy grinned slyly and kissed him again. "I love you, Misery," he said shamelessly, cupping the younger boy's face in his hands. Misery could feel his body tremble due to the sudden rush of emotions as he struggled to hold back the childish tears building up in his dreary eyes. "I-", he stammered. "I love you too, Envy." For the rest of the evening the two males laid there bundled up in each others' arms until the sun was out of sight. Once the moon and stars lit up brightly through the ominous dark sky, Envy finally got up. Realizing Misery had fallen asleep; he smiled at him, picked him up, and carried him back to the orphanage... ...past the door, ...up the stairs, ...through the halls, ...and into Misery's dorm; placing him in bed, tucking him in beneath the covers, and turning off the lights before leaving for the night.
The End

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