"...but sensei!" "That's enough Itami-kun! My word is final..." Itami wouldn't budge as he had gripped his strong hands firmly onto Seth's, his dean and teacher's, desk. Only moments ago, Itami had witnessed for himself the event that took place outside his and his brother's, Envy's, dorm. He was on his way from karate lessons when he was suddenly stopped by a crowd of females outside room. Making his way midpoint through the mess, he caught a glimpse of Envy just in time to see him kiss Misery. Itami was furious. The second he saw this, he ran as swiftly as he could straight to Seth's office to report. "I'm telling you this sort of thing is repulsive! There needs to be a law that forbids this kind of thing from happening in a civilized place such as this," he insisted. Raising an eyebrow, Seth leaned back in his office chair and sighed heavily. He then responded to the young boy with a rather impatient glare. "I'm sorry to tell you this but we cannot ban this simply because you are homophobic. Envy is your brother and as your kin, you should learn to respect him for what he is-" "I'm not respecting a gaywad." ... "Then get out. If you cannot learn to respect your own kin of which whom is your very flesh and blood, leave my presence. Damned child," the dean ordered. Itami snarled, baring his menacing-looking pointed teeth, and pushed himself away from the desk, causing papers to go flying in all directions. Seth continued watching him in pure disgust as Itami fled the room, slamming the door behind him in a fit of rage. ------(>^.^)>------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------<(^.^<)------ Over the next three days, the two boys spent most of their time in the empty hallway on the fifth floor which was covered in stain glass windows on one side – the first place they visited to truly confide within each other. Amazingly, each time the beautifully mesmerizing sunlight would pour down upon them like auras. Envy would sit comfortably on the bench and have Misery sit in his lap; the older boy wrapping his arms around the younger boy's neck and occasionally playing with his coarse black hair. During those three days, the boys would talk for hours at a time. Although whenever they had to leave the area for whatever reason, they would always catch up with each other later in the day and meet typically in Misery's dorm. On the fourth day, they met in their usual spot by the sunny windows right after school hours – Envy leaned his head against the stain glass while Misery laid himself across the cushioned bench, placing his head in Envy's lap. As the older boy stroked the blind boy's hair, the blind boy asked, "I realize it's already been a few days, but are you seriously in love with me, senpai?" Envy paused. Continuing to stroke his hair, he said, "Of course I am; I thought you knew that already." He then bent down and kissed Misery on the cheek. Misery giggled silently, "I know, I just wanted to make sure." He leaned up, planting a butterfly kiss on Envy's lips. The blue haired boy smiled at him, and the black haired boy smiled back. Soon after that brief moment, Envy's smile formed back into a straight line. "Is it too weird?" he wondered cautiously. Misery returned the same expression, however his eyes were filled with compassion. "I don't think so...in fact, it's kind of magical," he said softly. Envy smiled once again, ruffled the blind boy's hair and kissed his forehead. Holding his head close to him, Envy whispered in Misery's ear, "I don't care what anyone says. For this moment until the end of us, you're mine." Then, gently kissing the young boy's ear, Envy added, "You're mine...and I think you're beautiful." Speechless, Misery willingly kept his head on Envy's chest, listening to the sound of his heart beat. Meanwhile, while looking down upon the young child, Envy suddenly became overwhelmed with an emotion he never felt before about of with anyone else in his life time. Lifting up Misery's small body closer to his, he then pulled him into a warm embrace; wrapping his arms around his fragile frame and having no intention of letting him go. It was now that Envy truly realized what it was like having such a delicate soul with a beating heart, be in his hands. -------(>^.^)>----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------<(^.^<)------- "Hey. You." Envy looked up from tying his shoe towards a strong voice that echoed through the large, empty, hollow room. Fencing class had just ended for the day, and the only people left were Envy and a group of four other tall fit boys about his age. The blue haired boy was just about to pick up his gym bag and leave to find Misery before he was stopped by one of the other four children. The male who had called him, a tip-top shape brute with dark hair and hazel eyes, stood dominantly in front of him. Looking upward, Envy responded, "May I help you, Stephen?" The brute, otherwise known as Stephen, narrowed his eyes in annoyance. "Word 'round the orphanage is you've got some other dude hooked onto you like a chick would be," he announced loud enough so that the sound of his voice bounced off the white slate walls. Envy simply raised an eye brow at him in question. Smirking, Stephen continued, teasingly, "So what are you...a flaming homo?" The blue haired boy couldn't help but widen his eyes and blink in surprise. Lately, it seemed that people had been being so straight forward with him since...'he' arrived; everything was changing. Flaming homo? That was something he never expected being called! Even if he did like another boy, Envy never thought of himself as 'gay' – like the speech he made so long ago, he had just fallen in love with someone of the same gender. There was nothing wrong with something like that, right? Right. Therefore, there was nothing he needed to worry about; as long as he convinced himself this, he would be fine. Shaking his head, Envy couldn't help but chuckle- Stephen stared down on him as if he had two heads. Standing up onto his feet, Envy looked at him straight in the eyes and smiled crookedly. "You're comeback is grammatically incorrect." "Homo is Greek for the English word 'same'. Thus, calling me a 'flaming same' would just sound like nonsense, don't you agree?" With that, he picked up his gym bag, flung it over his shoulder, and exited the door before saying another word. All Stephen did was silently watch him leave the area.
The End

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