Chapter 6- Saved SLAM! Upon hurrying inside the room, Hitan flung Misery into the dorm before scurrying inside, himself, and shutting the door behind him. The two boys could hear the high pitched squeals of ‘fan girls’ piling up on the other side of the door in the hall. “I thought being gay would get me killed, not make me popular!” Misery bewilderly exclaimed to Hitan, who was blocking him in case any of the girls managed to break into their sanctuary. Wincing at the sight of the door trembling due to the amount of pressure being packed on it, Hitan responded half-heartedly, “Let’s just say there are a lot more supporters than anything in this place.” But as soon as he said that, Envy stepped out of an extended walk in closet located at the side of the room, followed by Chishio who was standing beside him - though towering at least a full 6 inches above him. The six year old’s face glowed with relief. “Chishi-chan! Envy-tama!” Envy raised an eye brow the second he caught glimpse of the Boys’ Club’s youngest members standing in a defensive stance in the middle of his dorm. “What’s going on here?” he questioned them. Chishio tapped him on the shoulder and pointed in the direction of the frantic noise coming from outside – double taking, Chishio then turned back to the door before returning his glare to Hitan. “My God, what stupid stunt could you possibly have pulled off this time?” Ignoring the somewhat negative comment, Hitan rushed himself over to Chishio, leapt in his arms, and wrapped his arms around his neck. “Miz-chan and I were talking about some things, and we didn’t realize how loud we were being until we noticed a bunch of girls were listening to us, and then we ran, and they followed us here!” The young child explained to his older cousin. Chishio let out a heavy sigh, “you really must learn to be more careful, Hitan, or you may get yourself into some real trouble.” ... “Did you give him ‘the talk’?” Hitan nodded. “How ‘bout you, did you give the talk to Envy-tama?” Chishio nodded. “Envy-kun actually played along with it more than I expected him to. In fact, I think he really does have feelings Misery-kun,” Chishio quietly told Hitan. It was then that the two cousins returned their gazes to Envy and Misery. Envy had his hand placed lightly on Misery’s shoulder and was just about to whisper in his ear. “You don’t have to feel intimidated, little one. I’ll take care of them for you,” he said softly, reassuringly. Misery felt his face flush pale – his heart stopped, too. He watched breathlessly as Envy strode past him, towards the door. He wanted so badly to reach out and clutch onto him so he wouldn’t have to make the sacrifice of facing the mob instead of Misery. But all he could do was stand there, frozen in time and space, and watch. Once at the door, Envy paused and hesitated as his hand wrapped itself around the knob. Then within a matter of seconds, he twisted his wrist and popped open the entrance to the dorm. Outside in the hall, dozens of shrieking girls began clawing their way towards the tall blue haired boy. Next, they started ever so obnoxiously pounding him with questions: “Was it love at first sight?” “Or you a chibi, romantic, or sadistic seme?” “Have you dated other boys in the past?” “Are you and Miz-chan going to become on actual shonen-ai couple?!” Envy just stood there boldly. At one point he flashed a glare at Misery – which he knew he wouldn’t notice- before returning his gaze to the mob. Taking a deep breath, he calmly answered, “Even if it was love at first sight, it would have been one sided – since Misery is blind.” Hearing this made the young blind boy flinch; he really didn’t want anyone to know his secret. But the next thing Envy said made it seem like the world had stopped spinning and the only two people in this world were them. “...but love is blind, as well.” The girls got silent and stared at him in awe. Envy cleared his throat and continued, “I have never dated other boys in the past – just females. However, concerning Misery, himself, and I...” He backed up into the room, walked over to the small black hair boy, and hauled him up in his arms, carrying him back over to the doorway. Misery gulped nervously as he faced the crowd along with his senpai. In the background, Hitan and Chishio watched on proudly. Envy signaled a smirk to all the colorful young ladies and lightly kissed Misery on the forehead. Misery winced, instinctively shutting his eyes as he heard quite a few of the girls let out high pitched squeals of arousal and excitement – as unexpected as it sounded, these girls actually liked this sort of ‘boy love’ thing. “Misery...” Envy started silently. The blind boy opened his eyes and tilted his head to look up towards him. “Y-yes?” he stuttered shyly. Envy smiled slightly at him and stroked the side of his head. “Will you be my lover?” Suddenly, a boom of shrills rose up from the female mob. Misery could feel his ears becoming hot and his face blush a bright shade of red. Was he serious? Was he really, honestly, and truthfully asking him to be his lover? If so, he had to answer him based on how he felt about him: How he loved the sensation of blood racing through his veins whenever Envy touched him ever so gently, How reassuring it felt just to be near him and know he was safe, Or how pleasant his kisses were. For once Misery felt loved. “Well?” The blind boy blinked and looked back up at Envy. “I...” he began. He could already sense the tension in the room growing – everyone eager to find out his answer. “We...” “We can be lovers.” Everyone shouted with joy. While Envy smiled lovingly at him, long in the distance Misery could swear he heard Hitan congratulating him by saying, “Good for you, Miz-chan,” – but that was beyond the sound of all the clapping and cheering. Then Envy did what Misery was hoping he would do. He drew the blind boy in closer and delicately touched his lips to the younger one’s soft, pale, tender ones. The kiss lasted for about five seconds when Envy pulled apart from him, leaving Misery yet again... Breathless.
The End

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