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dhapter 5- Renewing Start The sky above wavered like a silk tie die sheet as the sun began to creep above the horizon. The pastel pink, purple, and orange colors all seemed to blend together perfectly, signaling the start of a new day. It was Sunday – the only day the orphans had a free morning away from school hours. Most of the children took advantage of this day to catch up on some overdue sleep. However, this was also the morning Misery had promised his friend, Hitan, that he would hang out with him. The two had been sitting together outside on a swing-set with the rest of the playground; although Chishio did not come with Hitan for once, and Envy was nowhere to be seen at that hour. Usually, Chishio was dragged around everywhere Hitan went due to a vow he had made not too long ago promising he would always protect the younger child and act as a sort of ‘watch dog’. The reason it being odd that Envy wasn’t around either was the fact that he was near Misery for the past two whole days. Even so, the two youngest members of The Boys’ club remained close by each other’s sides. Hitan was wearing a blue tank top and dark grey shorts, along with his signature gay pride wristband; and Misery had on a simple white tank top and black shorts. As the sun rose even higher now above the horizon, Hitan felt it was time to begin conversing (since Misery wasn’t saying much as it was). “So what do you think of the orphanage?” he asked. Having been awoken from thought, Misery looked up at him questioningly. “’s fine. Everyone seems nice, and that guy, Envy, is pretty cool. You’ve been great, too.” He answered, somewhat gloomily. The blue eyed boy scanned him with a twinge of concern. “Is there something specific on your mind you would like to talk about? In fact, I’ve noticed you’ve shown quite some interest in Envy-tama.” “No! Enough! I don’t want to talk about him!” Hitan stared at Misery, astonished – raising his voice was the last thing he expected Misery to do. And Misery...he was surprised with himself for speaking in such tone out of nowhere! THAT was embarrassing - he blushed slightly and looked downward. “You sure you don’t want to talk about it? If you don’t I’ll most likely hear about it anyway from someone else, so you’d be better off telling me now if something’s going on.” The blind boy sighed in defeat: Hitan had a point, and Misery wasn’t about to let rumors start spreading since he was a newcomer. “I’m not sure what it is but...Envy just makes me feel like I have strength support to go on. For once I feel like I’m important to someone. And even though we’ve only known each other for so long, I feel like I can trust him,” he admitted. After a three second pause, Hitan smiled crookedly, “You like him don’t you?” Misery’s dreary eyes shot wide open, and he became flustered. “What??? I don’t like him; he’s a guy! He’s bisexual and you may be gay, but I’m nothing like that!” he protested. Hitan batted his eye lashes once with an innocent appeal, “Sure you are. You’re just in denial. We all reach that stage at first – that’s the first step of questioning your sexuality.” Misery hopped off his swing to face him directly. “You can’t tell me what I am...only I decide that,” he stuttered. “But you do have feelings for him.” The blind boy stopped and took a step back. Was it possible he actually did have stronger feelings for Envy than he realized? “Does your heart beat faster when he’s around you or does it stop just at the mention of his name? Do your hairs stand on ends when you feel his breath on the back of your neck? Can you not help but blush even at his lightest touch?” The older brown haired boy questioned him. After being interrogated, Misery gave it a brief thought before nodding reluctantly. “But...we’re both boys...and from my knowledge, if I like another boy, I’ll go to hell. The Bible says that woman was made for man. Besides, I really wouldn’t like spending an eternity being burnt in flames and tortured by demons. Also, the emotional pain from being teased would just be too much for me anyway.” “You shouldn’t just jump ahead of everything, Miz-chan.” Misery looked back up at Hitan, wondering if he was attempting to poke fun at his view of the subject. “But it’s true.” “Only half of it,” Hitan said in a straight tone, “Okay I will agree with you by saying the Bible does imply that woman was made for man. But what about man himself? Who are we, as boys, made for? Also, you won’t go to hell. If you like another boy, you like another boy – as long as you’re happy. Doesn’t God want us to be happy? Oh! And one more thing, he created all of us for a purpose! He made you the way you are, and you continue that path with your own journey. And lastly, Miz-chan, if you’re not ready to put yourself first when you’re in a relationship, than you’ll never be truly in love.” ... He sighed, “So I’ll ask you one more time: Do you like Envy, despite the fact he is a male? Does he make you happy?” Misery just stared blankly at the ground beneath his feet. The two boys stayed there in silence for what seemed like an eternity- Hitan leaning in on the swing, and Misery standing across from him. As soon as ‘forever’ passed, Misery finally gathered up the courage to look back with an expression of defiance. “I do...I do like Envy Ninja, and I am grateful for knowing him! Whenever he’s close by my heart does race! But in fact, I also have a feeling of nervousness and excitement combined because he’s so unpredictable,” he boldly proclaimed. Hitan smiled at him with pride. “Now I suggest you run,” He told him. The blind boy looked at him bewildered. “Why would I run? That actually felt good!” “Turn around.” Turning his body, Misery could now sense the vibrations, scents, and sounds of an enormous cluster of girls that had gathered around the playground to witness his ‘coming out’. He just wasn’t aware of how loud he was during his testimony. Suddenly, Kirby, the pink haired girl from one of his classes, shouted out from the mass, “He wants in on a yaoi relationship, too, just like Hitan! He’s an uke!” Another girl than rose up from the crowd, “That means two ukes – get them!” That’s when all the girls squealed, started shuffling, and became aroused in a matter of seconds. “Like I said,” Hitan said as he bounded off the swing, “run, Miz-chan!!!” He swiftly grabbed Misery by the wrist, pulling him out of the way of the mob of fan girls. The blind boy could feel his head spinning as they searched for safety. “To Envy-tama’s dorm!” Yaoi = a Japanese term for boyxboy love (preferably known as shonen-ai) Uke = the ‘female’ role in a boyxboy relationship
The End

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