Chapter 4- Understanding “...about what happened in Seteh-sensei’s class?” “Yes. I wanted to discuss it with you.” Misery started feeling fidgety – he wasn’t really comfortable with where this conversation was going. “You mean your speech about orientation?” He asked. Envy nodded solemnly. “You see,” he explained, “not too long ago when school hours were over, and once my brother and I were back in our dorm, he started getting angry at me for making that speech. He’s homophobic. He told me it wasn’t right to have done that and he even accused me of being gay.” A long silence followed his statement. It was then Misery started recalling that morning and how Envy was acting the way any other guy would act but when flirting with a female. He couldn’t hold it in. He had to ask. “Are you gay, Envy-senpai?” Envy looked at him wide eyed and astonished at the question – how dare he ask him that! Did this count as disrespect that a kohai should say such a thing to its senpai out loud? Envy felt himself becoming tense as he said, “That’s not appropriate, Misery-kohai.” Hearing the harsh tone in his voice caused Misery to cringe. “Oh...gomen-nasai,” he apologized, looking away intimidated. After a moment of staring the younger child down, Envy paused. He couldn’t explain it, but all this time he had an awkward soft spot for the small boy. He took a deep breath and sighed heavily. “Would you like to know the truth...Misery?” Hesitantly at first, Misery looked up at him with sudden interest. “The ‘truth’?..” he repeated. Now smirking, Envy bent down his face closer to the blind boy’s, brushing his soft hair against his cheek. Just the warmth of his breath over him made Misery blush. The blue haired boy learned towards his ear getting ready to whisper. “Let me tell you a little secret that I think you’ll find intriguing.” Misery felt the tension gripping him as if it were a boa constrictor wrapping itself around his fragile body. Finally, it all came to surface in one sentence. “I, Envy Chasseur Ninja, am indeed bisexual.” With that, he leaned even closer to Misery and actually nipped his ear! Instantly, Misery’s face turned a bright shade of red as he reached for his lobe, fumbling back on the bed. “Envy, you moron! I will not let you get off with biting me in erotic places – I’ll report you for violation!” Still smirking to himself, Envy couldn’t help but laugh. “My, my you certainly have more courage than I thought –standing up to me like that; although it was just a nip,” he chuckled. There was no denying it, he did think Misery was quite adorable. This is what Envy counted as somewhat of a turn on. But there was no way he could start hitting on him now. No, originally all Envy had been looking for was friendship and to try to get the blind boy at the least rattled. He wasn’t sure why but he kind of liked watching him squirm. However, again all Envy wanted to be was this kid’s friend and senpai... Right? -----(>^.^)>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------<(^.^<)----- It was afternoon the next day and school hours were over. Today Misery, still in school uniform, wanted to try figuring out exactly what kind of person Envy was. At the same time, Envy, wearing navy blue sweatpants as well as a sleeveless open-cut white vest with blue stripes tracing the center and edges, was looking to get closer to Misery. Therefore, they had decided to take a casual walk around the orphanage and have time talking normally to each other. All the way, the 8 year old had his armed wrapped around the timid 4-year-old’s shoulders to help guide him throughout the halls. The blind boy resisted at first, but with some little ol’ sweet persuasion, the charismatic blue haired boy was able to change that. “And by the way, you really don’t need to use suffixes when addressing me – just call me Envy, and I’ll just call you Misery. Does that sound good?” Envy asked him during one of their conversations as they were passing down an empty hall that streamed light through stained glass windows on one side. Misery smiled up at him and nodded in reply. Smiling back at him, Envy asked, “Well Misery, why don’t you tell me about yourself? I’m sure you probably know enough about me.” The young child thought silently what he would be able to gather about himself. As he began thinking things over, it was coming to his attention that these past few months had made him the most emotionless and plain person one could meet. And yet he was somehow making ‘friends’. Now noticing the child’s awkward pause, the taller one spoke up, “Are you okay, kiddo?” He ruffled his coarse black hair in attempt to bring him back to reality; but just feeling his hair sent chills through Envy’s body. Misery simply looked down. Sighing, Envy lifted the small boy up in his arms and carried him over to a cushioned bench in front of one of the fifty foot tall windows, so the light coming from it would shine upon them. Sitting him and himself down, Envy questioned, “Is something bothering you?” Keeping a quiet voice, Misery answered, “I’m just still in shock of everything that’s happened lately. Just being here itself is a whirlwind; knowing I no longer have a family of my own...” he paused. Envy looked at him sympathetically as he saw the woe in the other’s eyes. Without thinking, he carefully rose up his hand and placed it gently on Misery’s cheek. The blind boy gasped quietly and shivered. “E-Envy...” “I’m here for you, Misery. I’ll take on role as one you can look to for as long as you’re here, and if ever you need something, tell me.” He could already feel the tears forming in his eyes like raindrops in a storm cloud, as cloudy as his own eyes were. If it were up to Envy, he would have wrapped his muscular arms around the youngster and hold him close. He knew what it was like to have someone so close to you be snapped away – that’s how Envy was orphaned. His parents had dropped him and Itami off at the orphanage, promising their return when they had finally raised enough money to raise them in their large traditional japanese styled mansion. The blue haired boy at the time had been especially close to his mother, Silver, and knew deep down in his heart that she would return to him along with his father, Fyre. But he was, deep down, a true ‘momma’s boy’. The only one who remained bitter during the departing was Itami, who never had as much attention from his parents to begin with. However, a month later it seemed as though Itami had gained vengence. Seth had called the two young boys down into his office and very delicately explained their parents could not afford the money to raise them, the mother committed suicide (facing life in prison, life in tent cities, or life without her children), and the father had ran off and was never heard from again. Envy was left devastated and scarred for the rest of his life; Itami didn’t blink. Breaking from his haunting thoughts, he turned back to Misery in full-present awareness. Much to his astonishment, he turned to find Misery’s small head resting against his chest, sniffling and sighing unsteadily. Cautious not to startle him, Envy carefully placed a comforting arm around the boy’s back and pulled him close beside him. It was in this moment the two had everything in common with each other, and the older male felt he could now really relate to the younger. It was also at this time it came to his full attention that he would stop at nothing to protect him and be at his side whenever needed. He would do for Misery what his mother would have done for him. ...and more...
The End

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