Chapter 3- Confrontation

“You ruined your reputation, Envy.”
The muscular, topless eight year old sitting on his bed looked up at his older, stronger brother in confusion. “Ruined it?” he repeated innocently.
“Don’t play dumb, bro. As if people didn’t expect it enough from you starting The Boys’ Club – now with that speech you gave today you’re practically announcing to the world you’re gay.”
Envy stared intently at the ground at Itami’s remark.
Itami smirked to himself when he saw his brother’s defeat for that brief moment, but was soon taken back when he stood tall and got up to him face to face.
“I am NOT gay,” Envy told him. “Although, I will admit I was saying what I felt was the truth, and what should be taken seriously.”
The two stared at each other for what seemed like forever. And just when Envy was about to dismiss the argument...
“...I saw you flirting with the new kid this morning.”
It was late in the afternoon – Hitan, Chishio, and Misery were all gathered in Misery’s dorm wearing their comfortable, casual clothing instead of their uniforms for school hours. Hitan was lying down on the floor wearing a blue polo, faded grey jeans as well as a gay pride wristband, grasping a graphic novel while having a stick of pocky in his mouth. Chishio was propped up against the wall wearing a traditional dark grey samurai kimono, lost in thought. And Misery was wearing a white buttoned up shirt with black pants, sitting on the bed.
“So, tell me again, who is this Envy guy? Really?” Misery spoke up. Hitan put down the graphic novel and took the pocky stick out of his mouth.
“He’s complicated, Miz-chan. One moment he could be a classy Casanova, the next he could be bouncing off the walls. And there are times when he’s just plain serious. Then again, there are a lot of other kids like that in the orphanage as well – I suppose it comes from us not having a real family and instead having to lie with each other,” he explained.
“Why has he been acting so nice to me since I got here? And in class today, with the lesson about equality in the reference of love when he gave that speech, did he really mean that?”
Hitan smiled, “You certainly ask a lot of questions for someone so young.”
Misery looked down at the floor. “I’m sorry,” he apologized. The brown haired six year old kneeled down in front of him and lifted his chin so he was looking up.
He grinned and said, “There’s nothing to be sorry about – being curious is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, when I first arrived here with Chishio we were both just as curious, but we know we had each other to help cope in the confusion of things. And now you’ve got us, so we can help you!” The blind boy smiled slightly back at him, feeling a bit more encouraged now.
“You’re a good friend...Hitan-chan.”
Hitan’s face brightened. “We’re really friends now?? Arigatō, Miz-chan, you’re so cool!” He then wrapped his arms around him in a tight embrace. Their moment of joy lasted about a minute or two before they were interrupted by a knock heard on the door. Both of the young boys turned their heads to the entrance and watched as Chishio voluntarily open the door and bow to the person entering.
“It’s Envy-kun, he would like to know if it’s okay to come in,” he told Misery and Hitan. Hesitating, the two paused briefly and looked at each other before replying to Chishio with an approving nod. “Very well.” He then stepped aside, allowing Envy to step inside the dorm.
Hitan suddenly perked up. “Envy-chan!!!” he greeted him with a friendly hug around the waist. Envy patted his head and tried wriggling away from him.
“Hey there, Hitan,” he responded awkwardly.
“Oops, teehee, excuse me,” Hitan then let go of his grasp on Envy and stepped back, “How ironic, we were just talking about you.”
Almost instantly, Envy focused his gaze on Misery. “Oh were you?’ He walked over to the small child. Hearing the sound of his footsteps getting increasingly closer, Misery prepared himself for whatever contact the intimidating blue haired boy would make.
At last, making sure not to startle him, Envy gently sat himself down next to the blind boy on the bed and wrapped on arm around his shoulders; Misery couldn’t help but to instinctively flinch. This caused Envy to smirk; he then turned his attention back to Chishio and Hitan. “The two of you wouldn’t mind if I had a little alone time with this black haired beauty would you?” he mused.
Hitan blinked twice before smiling. “Not at all, you two have fun!” he chuckled. And with that, he looked up at Chishio, grabbed his hand tightly and together the duo made their exit out of the room - Misery and Envy were left alone, no longer anticipating future interruptions.
“Hitan!..”Misery desperately tried calling out. But by then he was already too late, and at this time, Envy’s hand was on his knee. Misery gulped. “Envy-senpai?..”
The older boy lightly put a finger to the younger one’s pale, cold, yet soft and delicate lips. “Listen, I only came here to talk. But don’t worry...I won’t do anything to harm you or make you feel uncomfortable. I just would like to be a friend – I wanna talk about what happened earlier today.”...
Meanwhile, on the other side of the door, Hitan had his ear pressed against the door, trying to hear the conversation going on in the other room.
“Is this really necessary, Hitan? After all, Envy did tell you they required privacy,” Chishio lectured him, wanting nothing to do with the situation. Hitan smiled innocently at him, turning his attention away from the door for a moment.
“Aw, c’mon, Chishi-chan, it’s not how you think it is. I’m just not sure if I trust Envy-tama being alone with a new guy who’s half his age,” he responded simply.
“Well,you’re more than half my age, yet you find it completely safe being around me.”
Hitan’s innocent smile quickly turned into a sly grin. “That’s only because when we were orphaned, Auntie told you specifically to take care of me or she’d have your head – because you’re my older, more responsible cousin,” he reminded him, “but you know you love me as much as I love you anyway so you really shouldn’t be talking.”
Chishio rolled his eyes. Then, before returning his attention back to the door, Hitan said with added youth and cuteness, “I love you, Chishi-chan, and don’t you forget it.”
Chishio raised an eyebrow and hesitated. After a second or two, his strong sense of demeanor seemed to brighten up even at the slightest to where he actually smiled.
“I won’t, Hitan. I love you, too.”

The End

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