We Are All EqualMature

Chapter 2- We are all Equal

              With an elegant stride, Envy swiftly made his way across the classroom towards Misery, leaving his brother, Itami, and the girls behind. Not wanting to be involved in the situation, Chishio calmly walked to his desk along with his and Hitan’s books. Hitan stayed by the blind boy’s side and quickly saluted the blue haired male as he approached.
“Good morning, Hitan-kun,” Envy bowed to him in greeting, smiling crookedly.
“Konnichiwa, senpai, it certainly is a good day isn’t it?” He replied, bowing respectively in response. The taller boy nodded as his catlike eyes strayed back over towards Misery who was looking down shyly at his feet.
“Hey, didn’t I see you yesterday?” he recalled. Instantly, the black haired boy looked up at him.
“Yep, this is him alright; the one that arrived here extremely early yesterday. Chishio and I started getting to know him even though he doesn’t talk much, but he seems pretty cool. I like him!” Hitan answered happily for his companion. Misery continued to have his eyes locked on Envy.
“Oh yes, that’s right, I remember now. I tried inviting you to come and tag along with us but you wouldn’t budge. Now why is that?” Envy insisted; curiosity grasped his voice. For some odd reason the way he was acting today, was in some respects different then yesterday – this behavior confused Misery deeply.
The small child hesitated for a few moments before answering his older colleague. “Accept my apologizes, Envy-senpai, I’ve just been a tad bit shy since my arrival, and I’m not used to people coming up to me like that,” he replied honestly, swallowing a lump in the back of his throat. The blue haired boy smiled softly at him.
“Please, call me Envy, that’s all,” he said dismissively, “and just so you know I find it impossible how no one could approach you. I find you to be quite adorable.” Quickly, his sincere smile curled into a smirk as he placed two finger tips under the boy’s chin. While looking into his big stone grey eyes, he began to notice how clouded they were; an unpleasant suspicion that made the hairs on the back of his neck soon began creeping up on him. “Tell me, why is it your eyes are so dreary?”
This was a question Misery did not want to answer. Typically, if he ever tried telling anyone why he could not explain what something specifically looked like, they would tease him, bully him, and take advantage of gaining and breaking his trust. But for some reason far beyond his understanding, Misery felt the urge to blurt it out to him.
“I’m blind.”
Hesitantly, Envy took a step back as a shocked expression filled his facial features. Thoughts and questions immediately ran through his mind as fast as lightning. One question that stood out was: how the hell did he even get down here without running into a door?! Noticing the look on his senpai’s face, Hitan frowned slightly and wrapped an arm around Misery for support. The blind boy himself had no comment, and thus stared downward and sighed.
After a few short moments from gathering his thoughts, the tallest of the three cleared his throat, straightened up, and inhaled deeply. Taking a step back towards the other two, Envy delicately told Misery, “Hey...it’s okay if you’re blind. I don’t mind.” Within a split second, the two small boys looked up at him in amazement to hear such a response.
Being as typically cautious and timid as he normally is, the black haired boy questioned, “But won’t you kick me around? Besides I can already tell you’re in a much higher ranking than I am – social and height-wise.” Socially and height-wise, this was something that struck Envy as true. However, he knew very well that he could never find it in his heart to take advantage of someone less able than him so easily.
“Of course I won’t kick you around. You shouldn’t assume the worst of people, Misery.”
He had a point, Misery knew. But before he had a chance to say another word, he, Hitan, and Envy were instantly shoved out of the doorway by a gothic looking gentleman with black and red hair, red eyes (his left eye which had a scar below it), and wore an old pair of faded jeans with chains, a black top with a red ‘S’ marked on it, and a metal dog collar. Haughtily, he made his way to the desk in the front of the room and collected some papers from it, muttering angrily under his breath.
“Who was that?” Misery asked dumbfounded.
Shaking his head, Envy answered, “That’s Seteh-sensei. He’s the run who runs this place, but he happens to teach some of the classes here as well. Better get into seat before he gets mad.” And with that, he swiftly made his way over to a desk behind Chishio and next to his brother, Itami, who was already sitting and tapping his fingers impatiently at the edge of his desk. The moment he noticed him sit down, Itami glared at him coldly. Not aware of how to respond, Envy smiled sheepishly and waved; Itami frowned in disgust.
Meanwhile, Hitan grabbed Misery’s hand and lead him to a desk next to Chishio’s, in front of Itami’s and sat him down. Hitan then stepped over to Chishio’s desk, grabbed his papers and book’s from his roommate’s pile, and sat down in the seat next time him. By this time, all the seats in the classroom were filled. After a few moments, the dark teacher looked up from his papers and scanned his class for a brief second.
Sighing, he cleared his throat and addressed the class, “Good morning, students. Let’s get started, shall we?” He walked up to a chalk board in the front room and wrote down the characters:


“Today’s lesson will be about equality in the reference of love,” he continued. When he said this, Envy and Itami smirked at each other and snickered, the rest of the class simply stared at him. The teacher, Seth or Seteh-sensei, than added shaking his head, “Normally, I wouldn’t discuss something like this; however it is something that must be discussed nowadays to a much younger generation.” “Now, can any of you here tell me what it actually means for there to be equality in the reference of love?”
Several hands shot up, including Envy and Hitan’s.
Seth pointed to a tall girl with long pink hair, pink cat ears and tail, and purple eyes in the back of the room, “Yes, Kirby – what do you think this term of equality specifies?” The girl, Kirby, paused in hesitation for a few seconds to gather her thoughts before answering.
“Is it okay to give an example?” Seth nodded. ‘’Well then, would it have something to do with like someone with dark colored skin falling in love with someone of light colored skin? After all, some people believe that to truly love someone you must be the same race or ethnic,” Kirby told him.
“Very good Kirby, you have made two excellent points,” her teacher praised her; “race and ethnicity play two major roles in it. Anyone else have an example?” He pointed to Envy.
As Envy put his hand down, he responded in satisfaction, “Gender.” Seth raised an eyebrow and looked at his questioningly.
“Explain further.”
Envy cleared his throat and stood up confidently. “Gender. It’s so simple. People may not realize it, but nowadays, more and more people are following in love with someone of the same gender.” Everyone stared at him. “Throughtout history, physciologists have thought being homosexual was a mental disorder. That judgement is wrong. Even today, half of society is against it. Althought it’s still not right.”
“Okay sure, you may be thinking that in the Bible, God himself states that woman was made for man. However, God also stated that he loves each and every one of us for how we are – he even tells us to love each other equally. Lastly, to sum up my opinion, it is not a flaw or in someone’s blood to love someone of the same sex,opposite sex, same race, or opposite race. In the end, it all really depends on the individual you fall in love with.” He sat down calmly. “And that’s all.”

The End

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