My heart started pounding through my chest.  I glanced around making sure this wasn’t a trap.  When I didn’t see a single car anywhere, I knelt down next to the person.  It was a boy who appeared to be my age.  He had brown hair, which was kind of short, but very fluffy looking.


I tried to drag him off the road.  After about 5 minutes, I got him into the woods nearby.  I didn’t want anyone to see me helping him.  I pulled off my jacket and looked at it.  It was my favorite.  I reluctantly ripped the sleeve off, and tied it around his arm, making it as tight as possible.  Next I moved down to his side.  I once more looked around and gently pulled up his shirt a little.  When I saw the intensity and bloodiness of his wound, my stomach turned.  I wrapped the rest of my jacket the best I could around him.  As soon as I pulled his shirt back down, he moaned in pain.  Startled, I looked up at him.  His eyes slowly opened, but only got to be about half way.  He looked at me, confused as to why I was there and who I was.  I gently touched his face and said “Don’t try to move, you’re hurt too badly”.  Instantly, he tried to move.  I could tell this kid didn’t like to listen.  I pushed him back down, and he winced.  I sighed as I realized I had pushed on his rubs, which probably had a few of them broken.  “I’m sorry…” I said.  He managed to talk and said “It’s okay… Who are you?” He had a semi deep and raspy voice, which surprised me considering he looked my age and half the guys in my town haven’t hit puberty yet.  I looked up at him, seeing bright green-brown eyes staring at me.  I glanced away, blushing as this was the most attention I had ever gotten from a guy that wasn’t directed angrily at me.  His eyes suddenly shot open as he realized what happened.  He sat up before I could realize what he was doing.  “What are you doing?” I asked curiously.  He replied “We have to get out of here, before they come back.  I don’t care how much pain it is going to be, we have to get out!”  Before I knew what was going on he grabbed my hand.  Out of instinct, I grabbed his too.  He closed his eyes, and I felt his grip get tighter on my hand.  There was a loud bang, and I was transported to a mystery world, unsure of my return.  I closed my eyes, blinded by brightness.  I could hear him moaning, probably because we were moving.

The End

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