The Boy Who Would Become KingMature

A retelling of The legend of King Arthur.

A thick fog crept over the foothills surrounding the towering fortress at Tintagel. The orange glow of two hundred soldiers and their torches stained the early morning sky. Too long had passed since the last attack, and now an eerie silence fell over the cliffs. The only sound was the sea churning and crashing against the cliffside. Their enemy had not been defeated, nor would they ever cease their attack. They lay hidden out among rocks. The enemy they faced was an ancient one, a blood thirsty force which was ravaging all of the realm of Britannia. The Five Elder Tribes of Goblins had been united after two-thousand years under the blood stained banner of Galmon the Ogremire.

Galmon's army had already seized the outer-lying country surrounding the fortress. In time Tintagel too would fall.The Sovereign Leader of Britannia, Uther Pendragon, was injured during the last attack and the men of medicine could do little for him. He was expected to soon pass on to the afterlife. Uther grew more delirious with each passing moment. "Where is he?" He moaned. Though the man had been severely cut open, he tossed and squirmed with force. "Bring him to me at once!" Pendragon demanded, his eyes bloodshot and bulging. In the pauses between the thunder, his screams echoed down the hallways and spilled out into the courtyard where he soldiers stood shaken and beaten. 
Uther had always been considered by the people to be the great unifier of the lands in the time before they came known as Britannia. He was of strong mind and will, and his behavior could only be attributed to the twilight before the hour of death overtaking his body. He pleaded with a servant as she washed his forehead with a wet cloth. 

"Whom is it you are asking for my lord?" she whispered to him. He slowly shifted his cold stare to the girl. 
"Merlin! You've forgotten him?" He roared reaching for the girls neck. Two guards rushed to the bed restraining him. 
"That's enough girl! Leave us now!" one of the guards ordered.  Uther's chest heaved up and down as he struggled to breathe.There was a loud knock before the figure of Duke Markus cut through the darkness as he entered the room. The guards glanced over at him and understood. Both men proceeded to leave without question. 

Duke Markus had never been a soldier, he had never fought for anything in his life. He had lived an unremarkable life, the child of a wealthy lord and yet he felt he was far more fit to rule than a common man like Uther. Uther had been nothing but a solider when he united the warring city's of men during the Great Plight of the Nine Dragons. 
He watched as Uther suffered, tormented by some unforeseen demons.

"Uther. It's me Erik, can you hear me?" Uther shook violently as Markus inched closer to him.
"So the whispers are true? You actually believe this Merlin character to exist?" He paused. "Tell me" he began "why has no one ever seen this man you claim guided you to unite men?   Uther remained silent staring intently at the wall. "You based our livelihood's on prophecies from a wizard that does not exist!" Markus screamed as he  clutched Uther by the face with both hands. Uther struggled and cried out.

"Guards! Guards! Where are my guards!?" Markus began to laugh. 

"They are my guards now Uther, and follow my orders. I've made a deal with Galmon and perhaps saved us all from certain death." Markus slaps Uther across the face. Uther moans while sobbing.

"Merlin... you traitor... swore my legacy would continue for years to come..." Duke Markus unsheathed a twisted and mangled dagger, goblin in design. It was finely crafted from black gold. Markus had received the dagger  from a herald of Galmon's. This was the the tool which he wish to be used to finish off the good Lord Pendragon.  It gleamed in the presence of the intended target, shining brighter as if drawn by Uther. 
The Duke calmly lifted the dagger and arched back preparing to strike. Uther grabbed his arm as he came in for the lunge pulling him close. A fire burned in Uther's eyes as he spoke.

"You have forsaken the land and people of Britannia this day Markus. Dark times loom on the edge of the horizon, Merlin has tricked me." Uther's sockets went white as his eyes rolled to the back of his head. He grabbed the dagger and plunged it into his own chest.
Red pulsating cracks began to form along the dagger stuck  in Uther. His body began to wither and dry with lifeblood seemingly drained. Duke Markus shrank back, astonished, as he witnessed the frail form crumble to dust.          

The End

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